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What a Launch!

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Well, I’ve gone and done it again.

It’s the eleventh hour.  I’m putting the finishing touches on this month’s issue and it occurs to me that at 10pm, I should be at home in bed, gearing up for the big day tomorrow (launch).  Instead, I’m going through my checklist and ensuring that I’ve done all I need to do for a smooth launch.

It’s not just the November issue going live tomorrow.  We’ve been toiling away for a few months on a new and improved website – one which is just as appealing on a mobile device as it is on a computer screen or web-enabled television.  Yep, this site goes live tomorrow along with the new issue.  This is a pretty big step, but one which was necessary since nearly 70% of all the traffic we see in a month comes from mobile devices.

The November issue itself is also a first.  As you’d expect from a women’s magazine, Training & Fitness has generally steered clear of any image and article submissions which were deemed “too sexy” for a female audience.  But not long ago, I found myself engaged in a conversation with a popular fitness model who’s known for this type of imagery and she posed the question which I’d become all-too-familiar with; “Why not?”.  As I started to answer, I realized that as a photographer, I knew scores of these women and I might just be ignoring a small but significant portion of the population.  It was then that I decided to put together our annual “GLAM”  issue.

Although I’ve almost completely overwhelmed myself by taking on so much at once, I’m happy with the knowledge that you’ll enjoy this issue immensely – an issue which explores the glam-side of the fitness industry.  We’ve got an interview with one of the most popular fit-glam photographers, Sarah Lyons.  We’ll explore the phenomenon of the selfie, and look at a couple of prominent fitness models who provide a little bit of insight into their world.  We might even feature a sexy image or two.

To the fellas I have just this to say: This is as close to a “Hot 100” issue as you’re ever going to get.  Pull up a chair and enjoy; I’m going to bed.

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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