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Steely Springham

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Steely Springham

What do 45, fitness & empowerment have in common?

Defying the boundaries of age and overcoming food addiction, Steely Springham stepped onto her first competitive stage in the world of fitness at the age of 41 and in three short years has earned national level status with nine first and second-place trophies in 10 competitions.

This former Top-10 recording artist once used fitness and training as a release from the pressures in the music business years ago. Little did she know her passion for fitness would turn into her competition journey and her present day career. Her lifestyle of health and wellness radiates in every area of her life. From being an ACE certified personal trainer, to ActiveBody Nutrition store manager to posing & confidence coach she walks the talk. Steely has taken her experience and knowledge as a stage performer and combined it with her gift of teaching, her love of training & competing and parlayed it into her successful competition stage posing and confidence coaching business. She is inspired by inspiring others and she loves what she does.

You will still find her writing material for other singers but her heart is in the gym and in the sport of fitness, figure and bodybuilding. Her infectious attitude and constant positive energy are what her clients love about her. Steely is all about her mantra, which is #Lift2Lift & #Empower2Empower. As she prepares for her 2015 competitive season watch for Steely Springham at www.steely.ca or on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. She loves hearing from her followers and loves coaching new clients.

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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