23 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Start Getting in Shape


  1. Heavy things now feel so light. You can say, “I didn’t know my own strength,” with sincere incredulity.
  2. Somehow you’re able to climb flights and flights of stairs without feeling winded. Normally, you’d be holding onto the banister for dear life while dry heaving after staircase number one.
  3. You feel a lightness akin to moon gravity. Your new level of energy knows no bounds.
  4. None of your clothes fit anymore. This is for better or for worse, depending on how much money is in your bank account.
  5. You actually crave healthy food. Mmmmm, nothing like a big, giant bowl of crisp, delicious fibrous carbs!
  6. You look forward to your re-feed meals and aren’t scared to dive into a big juicy burger after a run of “clean” eating because you know that it will benefit your fitness mission.  Hello metabolism!!
  7. Speaking of food, is it time to eat yet? Your body has becomes its own food timer!
  8. You would rather make your own food at home than go out for a huge restaurant feast. If you do go out to a restaurant, you plan ahead and pre-read the menu online to map out your meal.
  9. Your healthy habits start to rub off on everyone around you. The people who once shamed you for avoiding the fried chicken and donuts at the office lunch party and heading to the gym instead of happy hours are now asking you for advice on how to live their lives.
  10. You sleep well, very well. You fall into bed and pass out into a violent puff of exhaustion. No more perusing your Facebook and Instagram feeds because your body is too busy recovering and building that sweet lady muscle!
  11. You realize that you have veins that you never knew existed. You can judge your leanness upon the arrival of that infamous ab vein!
  12. You can actually hear your body talk. If you eat something disagreeable or get a little less sleep than usual, your body knows what’s up because it is no longer a den of garbage.
  13. The combination of endorphines and confidence results in the best mattress mambo of your life! The best things in life make you sweaty.
  14. You’ve never had to deal with this much laundry, and 95% of it is gym clothes. If you don’t keep on top of it, you risk everything you own smelling like a teenaged boy’s locker room!
  15. You spend the majority of your life in gym clothes because your quads, delts, and shoulders don’t fit that well into regular clothes. You’re a walking advertisement for Lululemon, Nike, and Under Armour. #fitgirlproblems.
  16. You become proud to have callouses on your hands. This is one sign of your hard work in the gym.
  17. Two words: mental clarity. All that mucilage slouching around in your brain has been miraculously siphoned out and replaced with the lyrical sound of your own thoughts.
  18. Bigger and better POOPS! You’ve never known true catharsis until now. Need I say more?!
  19. You get hungover after one alcoholic beverage, that is if you even decide to drink it because you’d much rather chew your calories rather than drinking them!
  20. Feeling sore is such a surprisingly satisfying feeling. You now revel in the burn of lactic acid.
  21. You’re now officially a morning person. You know that getting your workout in early in the day is so much more satisfying and productive than leaving it for later. Although you might have three alarms set five minutes apart from each other and your gym clothes at the edge of your bed, you still get it done! Get in, get it done, and get on with your day is your morning motto.
  22. Your skin hasn’t looked this good since you were in elementary school. Regularly working up a sweat has really sucked your pores clean!
  23. The realization that you’ve reached the threshold where working out is not a chore; you legitimately enjoy it. The old you would never have believed it, but working out is FUN now that all your hard work has paid off. That’s all the motivation you need!

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