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Training & Fitness MagazineMy name is Holly Barker and I am a Saskatchewan born-and-raised farm girl. I grew up with the world as my playground and a farm filled with horses, cows, peacocks, chickens, bunnies, cats, dogs and a donkey
to complete the pack. There was always something to do and a world that inspired creative thinking, play and imagination.

I have always had a passion for adventure, education and health and fitness and am a disciple of a well-traveled, educated and hardworking family. I value the honest faith that I was raised with, the constant encouragement and the belief passed on to me that anything I dream is possible. I moved from my small town to attend university in the big city and although I wasn’t sure what my ultimate plan was, I believed that education was my answer. I met my now husband and graduated with a business degree which made absolute sense given my passion for math and finance. It wasn’t until I experienced a few years in the corporate world that I knew my financial freedom did not lie within corporate walls.

I took the plunge into the entrepreneurial atmosphere with my husband in 2010 when we opened our first
Anytime Fitness Franchise location and went on to open our 2nd in 2011. Being surrounded by health and fitness every day, it was not long before I enrolled in my first bikini competition and soon after obtained sponsorship with Magnum Nutraceuticals – a Canadian supplement company.

The fitness world had a quick hold on me. It was not competing in particular that had me hooked; it was the audience it provided me to be a voice to others on how to live health and fitness in Mind Heart and Body each day… not for just one stage appearance. Along with the competition stage, I found my voice through photography and have since enjoyed multiple opportunities for fitness and fashion publications as a cover model and feature contributor allowing me to spread my message even more.

As I have grown as an entrepreneur, influential figure and fitness enthusiast, in the past 2 years I have incorporated and built up my own lifestyle apparel company. I was tired of the prototypical gym tshirt and basic wife beaters that fitness clubs offer for sale, but go stale on the hanger due to the boxy fits and the non-fashion appeal. I started co-branding with a local clothing company and soon found myself creating an entire line of fashion available in our facilities and online to be shipped worldwide.

When my husband and I decided to expand our fitness franchise in a neighbouring province, the growth of had to take a seat on the back burner. I have learnt so much from starting something from the ground up that I am so passionate about.

I have created my own fitness app – total body fitness challenge – that allows you to get a quick and challenging workout in anywhere and anytime with no equipment required, just your smart phone and ambition!

I have published my own eBook – Behind the Photo w/ Holly Barker – as a passion project to describe what actually goes into the photos you see and to highlight the amazing artists I have had the opportunity to work with.

Now, as we have just built our 3rd Anytime Fitness Franchise location and I have taken a step back from the operations of the clubs, I have the ability to spread my message and empower through influence! Throughout my life I have had a passion for adventure and investing myself towards new ventures has brought me to this platform – TheFitnessPreneur. I have created a formula for you to follow if you want to Get Fit (and stay fit), Get Published (and become a brand) and ultimately Get Paid (and monetize your passion).

I am so excited to help you towards your future self as a fellow FitnessPreneur. Let’s get started!!!

When life is lived passionately with purpose, we encourage a better world, one that is filled with passion and drive and never taking a single second for granted!

So What exactly is a FitnessPreneur?  To be true, it’s how I define myself.

Holly Barker Get Fit, Get Published & Get PaidThe formal definition of an entrepreneur is, a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. However, there are many versions of Preneurs and the most underestimated, I believe, is the FitnessPreneur. A FitnessPreneur is someone who loves business, loves living a healthy lifestyle and motivating others and ultimately wants to profit from their involvement in the health and wellness field. They want to create their own opportunities, brands, products, companies without answering to a boss or putting in time at a job. They seek a direct correlation of venture to profit towards their risk to reward and are resilient towards each new venture.

With the rise in popularity of fitness competitions and the general public seeing the importance in living healthy as a direct correlation to living a full life, many business savvy women have taken to the fitness realm with an ultimate goal of turning their passion into profits.

I have an intense love for business and an equal love for fitness, so when I set out to live a lifestyle that would pay me back in dividends (staying true to my finance educational roots) I thought to myself, there is nothing that pays you back as much as living healthy does….light bulb!!

Many find a passion in fitness. It is an escape, a hobby, a love that you enjoy to do for you. But what if you wanted this hobby to pay you back in the capacity that it fully can? Step one is to Get Fit, and to stay fit. Many of us have successfully dieted in the passed only to find ourselves lost on what to do next when the goal is achieved. Many of us have won a competition or a trophy, but the dollars, to say the least….did not start to flow in immediately or add up to any nominal amount.In order to achieve the FitnessPreneur Formula, you must learn how to live the lifestyle, create the opportunities and raise your stock to ultimately launch your IPO… Get Fit, Get Published, Get Paid

Start Profiting from Your Passion
Many of us are passionate about fitness, but few of us actually successfully run a profitable business within the fitness field. I’m not here to tell you what you are doing is wrong or what you should be doing with your life.  But my experience thus far has led me to be educated in many fields and facets in this area.

I have had the opportunity within my fitness adventure to stand in the shoes as business owner, gym owner, employer, sponsored athlete, fitness competitor, published fitness model, brand ambassador, social media influencer, eBook publisher, app creator, columnist, writer, designer, ceo, cmo, bookkeeper and all around adventure ambassador. This rainbow of experience in all aspects of fitness and business has blessed me towards living each day passionately and finding new ways to inspire, adventure and create my audience.

The world of fitness is filled with opportunity, but it owes you nothing. So how do you create relationships within this world to allow you to sustain a lifestyle you dream about?

Live the Lifestyle:
If you want to represent the fitness lifestyle and ultimately be a fitness ambassador, living your passion and creating a business within it, you have to live what you are trying to sell?

Have you ever been trained by a personal trainer who preaches the ‘fitness’ and then you see them outside of the gym filled with alcohol or smoking cigarettes?

The image you create in our world today can be followed in many forms. If you post nothing but health and fitness on your social platforms, but in person you are nothing of the like… soon enough your façade will be detected and called out.

To succeed in fitness as a business, it has to be an extension of your values and your beliefs. When you live your passion, you eventually subconsciously promote it with all that you do… when it becomes who you are, you will never have to waste a single second selling anything, you will be selling yourself constantly and confidently and others will want to be a part of what you stand for.
With that said, you must stand for something… not everyone is a personal trainer or coach, and I believe fully that not everyone passionate about fitness should see those 2 options as their only method of profit…
this is where your Brand creation becomes critical.

Be your Brand, Create your Value, Live your Passion, Profit:
The best investment you can make when building a business from your passion is yourself. Incredible advice given to me at my beginning in fitness that hit home quickly due to my background in investments was to make decisions based on stock value… yourself being your stock and all decisions forward adding value to your stock.

For example:
You make the investment in your education to be able to seek/negotiate higher paying jobs.
You make the investment in your coach to be able to seek/negotiate unique opportunities.
You make the investment in your photoshoots to be able to learn from the best and to network with publications.
You make the investment in your marketing and social media and promotions to be able to reach a larger

Holly Barker Get Fit, Get Published & Get PaidWhen building your asset value, it is important to remember that value is created in a multitude of ways. Just because you have made the investment does not mean you can automatically demand the
return you wish to receive. Asset Value and Creation can pay off in many forms and types of dividends that are not preceded with a $.

Where many of us fall short and are quick to give way to our dreams and settle back into a j.o.b. is that we view payoff, opportunities and payment as very short term… we are programmed as a working class culture to put in time and receive a paycheck for work done or hours put in… investing in yourself and creating your brand requires a long term approach, vision and strategy… most successes are years in the making even with a clear vision for the outcome.

Think Long Term:
Allow yourself time to fail, to learn, to grow and to become the brand your passion drives. Always have your stock value top of mind and bring the asset you are creating to all that you do. Add value to your opportunities.  Opportunities are the creation of your efforts. Think passed the opportunity and realize that so many doors and further opportunities can be created from that point forward.

Create Win Wins:
An amazing way to build your brand and to create value is to stand with like-minded affiliations and represent quality products and brands that compliment yours. The fitness industry is known for trends and fads, quick fixes and magic tricks… it’s a beautiful thing that this industry keeps evolving and provides so many avenues for growth and exploration, but it’s key to stay true to you. It’s very appealing to represent any other brand under the sun that is willing to give you free product, but remember, your time and value creation is anything, but free. Creating win win relationships that help you as much as you help them are a healthy way to grow and continue to become your brand without getting lost in building someone else’s.

These are just a few quick ways to think differently and to approach your fitness with a business mindset.
There are so many ways to succeed in your passion. With the proper plan of action and execution any goal you set and dream you dream will come true. And remember; Life is created outside of the comfort zone.

Always growing, always learning.

Holly Barker is not your typical fitness personality. She has come a long way from humble beginnings; growing up a Saskatchewan farm girl. Holly is an accomplished Bikini competitor, Brand Ambassador and Fitness Model, Athletic Club Franchisee, Lifestyle Apparel Company owner and Fitness App Author. With her latest project, The, Holly shares her formula to get fit (and stay fit), get published (and become a brand) and ultimately get paid.

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