What It Takes To Succeed As A Fitness Model

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Growing up, I was always very active in sports. I was heavily involved in gymnastics, dance, riding dirt bikes, and karate. I even attended stunt school with hopes of getting into the movie/commercial industry.  It was at stunt school that I discovered how much I loved being in front of the camera and in front of an audience.

Not until three years ago had I ever considered competing in a fitness show; the idea arose when a good friend suggested I give the stage a shot. Asking myself, “How hard could it be?” I rose to the challenge and began preparing for my first show. Let me tell you, it was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done! For 12 weeks, the physical and mental aspects of competing took over my life in so many ways, even affecting others.  Despite the challenge of the prep period, I went through with the show and never looked back. I was hooked; absolutely and positively in love with the stage.

In June of 2012, I became a pro fitness model and, to this day, receiving my pro card has been one of my most memorable moments.  A few months later, I was over-the-moon happy to sign a sponsorship with Magnum Nutraceuticals; a goal and a dream of mine since I started using their products years ago. From participating in the 2013 and 2014 Olympia and Arnold competitions to the travel experiences I’ve had over the last few years, it’s just been so awesome!

Photo shoots and the fitness lifestyle have become the norm for me.  Recently, I had my picture published in a major magazine and currently have a Magnum ad running in another widely distributed publication. To this day, I’m still totally taken aback by everything that has happened to me over the last 18 months, never dreaming I would be writing about success. You truly can achieve whatever you put your mind to!

Personally, the coolest thing about the fitness industry is meeting amazing athletes with similar mindsets, which makes close friendship bonds that much easier to form. When you’re on the road for a major event, living out of a suitcase is not the greatest, but the team spirit makes up for it. At the Arnold 2014, Magnum provided three bright orange onesie outfits for Holly Barker, Kyla Gagnon, and I to run around in. They were a huge hit with the crowd!  We had lineups of people wanting to take photos with us – it was a pretty fun experience.

As a fitness model, it’s great seeing yourself in magazines – that’s still surreal to me and it is quite rewarding.  But, I still struggle with the constant “self talk” when preparing for a photo shoot or an event.  I fully admit to fretting about when my next cardio session is or when I need to eat my next meal and often ask myself, “Am I lean enough? Have I done enough to prepare?”. Ultimately, when the shoot comes to an end, I know that my hard work has paid off and feel a sense of pride in my preparation.

I currently work as a medical aesthetician; I just love my job and find it very rewarding to help clients with their personal skin care needs and goals.  I’m also a professional belly dancer and am busy dancing most weekends. As a pro fitness model, I know how amazing success in the industry can be, but I also know just what it takes to achieve the level of success so many models seek.

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What sound does the Cannon make ?!.. "Boom Boom" Heidi Cannon is a non stop high-energy on-the-go kinda gal who loves make people laugh and put a smile on their face. Pro fitness model, Pro bellydancer, dancer, motocross rider and lover of anything with two wheels. Heidi believes in living life to it's fullest and never thinking you're too old to try anything. Just as much as she loves extreme sports, she feels the same about baking and creating all things clean-eating.

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