Meet The Team

Kyla Gagnon


Voted top Personal Trainer and favorite business in Victoria 2013, Bikini pro and cover model Kyla Gagnon trains her clients using the same core values that she imparts into her own training: “Train your hardest, eat your cleanest, breathe your deepest and love yourself for doing it”.  No believer in the quick-fix trends that we’ve all been bombarded with, she adds “Fitness models didn’t come out of the womb looking like that, I PROMISE you.”.

“Some workouts might feel harder, some food might be ‘dirtier’ some breaths might be short and panicked and sometimes you might feel really mad at yourself.. insert : Balance.

I specialize in regular people. People like YOU and people like ME.

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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