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Heidi Cannon

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TF:  How’d you get into fitness?
HC:  I have always been very active my entire life but I really stepped up my fitness game when I was getting ready for my wedding.  This was the first time in my life that I actually followed a diet and learned how to fuel my body properly.  True life changing experience.

TF:  How big a part does dance play in your active life?
HC:  Its a huge part in my life!  I typically belly dance  most weekends performing at different restaurants/parties all over the city.  I also take jazz lyrical classes on Tuesday and Wednesday night are hip hop.

TF:  Who’s been your biggest influence?
HC:  I would have to say I don’t have one specific person,  anyone that is in my everyday  life inspires me.  That being said, the close people who are in my everyday life.  I love to surround myself with positive driven people, my close friends my Magnum family my parents and hubby.

TF:  We’ve never seen you without a huge smile on your face.  Is there anything about an active healthy lifestyle which you find challenging or annoying?
HC:  Fake, stuck-up  people annoy me the most – never assume your better than anyone else.  I think this is a “big ego” industry and some people aren’t what they seem, however I believe there is enough for everyone.  And never judge a book by its cover until you have read it yourself.  That’s my motto.

TF:  What are some random things that even your friends might not know about you?
HC:  Well, I hate bacon.  I pretended to know how to cook when I met my husband, in order to impress him.  I’m fascinated by skin, and am a trained medical esthetician.  I’m a huge 2pac fan and I speak to my Dad each and every day.

TF:  Why did you want to start Mrs Cannons Baking/Kitchen?
HC:  I have a major love for food and watch the cooking network daily.  When I changed up my diet years ago, I started playing around with different things to bake and create that just tasted super-yummy but with half the fat.  More and more, I started to create recipes that were easy to make.  Mrs Cannon’s Kitchen is going to have breakfast, lunch and dinner options, and each item will be healthy and super yummy!   I love getting comments and messages about my recipes – it truly makes my day.

7 Random Questions!

1. Sweet or Salty?
HC:  I’m a massive pizza fan so I’ll have to go for salt!

2. Last exercise you performed?
HC:  45lb Weighted Planks this morning – great core workout.

3. Favourite thing to do outdoors?
HC:  Ride my dirt bike – I’ve got the need for speed!

4. Your first job?
HC:  A Pizza shop by my house called Pizzaz pizza.  I ate a lot of the profits!

5. Fav piece of fitness clothing?
HC:  I never work out without a flat brim hat on – this is my fitness staple.

6. The meal your loved ones want you to cook most often?
HC:  Anything chicken.  Whether it’s a healthy option like chicken & veggies with sweet potatoes or a chicken taco night, its always chicken of some sort.

7. If you could speak with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
AM:  This is so random but Guy Fieri.  I just love that guy – can’t get enough of his show.  If I could go back then it would definitely be Marilyn Monroe, she fascinates me.  Most of my house is decorated with her photos!

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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