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© Mark BradfieldTF: How’d you get started in fitness?
JA: My grandmother believe it or not got me started at the young age of 9. She was a black belt Karate instructor and when I would go visit her in the summer we would workout and train in Shaolin Karate. I hope to get my black belt someday. My mother put me in everything she could.. she believed A busy child stays out of trouble!!

TF: So tell us about your the prep involved and the eventual first fitness show! What was it like for you?
JA: Well after retiring from the Cincinnati bengals I wanted to find another challenge to keep me fit. This is when the “Bikini” division started and I heard about it. I checked out all the organizations and found the NPC to be the best. Then I needed a coach. I found Team Bombshell and started competing under them after about 3 months. The prep was an adjustment for sure and is still a challenge.. but if it was easy that wouldn’t be too fun huh??? Ultimately the hardest part is down to the last weeks when I am tired, hungry, sore , but very excited… Thats how I know I am ready!! I become a hermit haha!!

TF: Let’s talk about your career as a cheerleader for the Bengals. Were you involved with cheering in High School?
JA: Yes I have cheered since I can remember up until my senior year of high school. In college I was on several dance teams. I danced for a Hockey team and college football team. A that, an inner arena football team lead me to the Bengals.

TF: What’s involved with the selection process for making the squad at the NFL level?
JA: There are a serious of tryouts and eliminations. After each tryout you see if you are welcome to the next one. You have to learn a lot in a short amount of time!!! No low carb for that haha
Once you make the team you have to tryout for every game as well!!

TF: Really?
JA: Yes I believe we had 35 ladies and 28 cheered

TF: Is there a shelf-life of a pro cheerleader? What brought about the end of that chapter in your life and the beginning of the fitness career?
JA: No ladies cheer at all ages and for several years. I loved the field but needed a change. Believe it or not I think cheering for the NFL is more challenging than what I do now in fitness. Very tough gig!!

TF: Did some of your training program (from the cheering days) make it to where you are now?
JA: Absolutely! I adopted the multiple meals per day during the NFL and I have always liked being in the weight room. Now it is just more strict and I have a coach that tells me what to do

TF: Glad you mentioned your coach. Shannon Dey is arguably one of the most recognized names in fitness in the USA and Team Bombshell is a force to be reckoned with! You’re now also a coach with the team. So tell us, what makes a Bombshell girl different from the rest?
JA: I think anyone who competes is amazing but you can spot a Bombshell athlete just by the way she looks and carries herself. We like all of our ladies to handle themselves properly not only on stage but off of the stage. I am truly blessed to have this team and I consider them family. No other team has an actual headquarters or the AMAZING camp experience!! Our girls are important and we care about their success!! Shannon is UNBELIEVABLE!!

TF: Shannon has a huge audience and we already know so much about her, but tell us something we don’t, or would be surprised to know.
JA: Something someone may not know about Shannon is that she was an NFL cheerleader too. She cheered for the Kansas City Chiefs.

TF: What’s in your 5 year plan?
JA: My 5 year plan.. I am kind of in a transition period right now. I want to grow Fine Fanny Fitness and help other ladies achieve their fitness goals through Bombshell Fitness. I have several personal goals as well I want to work on. As always I want to work harder on my relationship with faith, family and friends.


7 random questions:
1. What’s your guilty pleasure?  Almond Butter & Trail Mix
2. Who’s hotter, the GQ man or the Cowboy?  Being from Kentucky I choose a Cowboy EVERY time.. Yeehaw!
3. The exercise you despise doing, but have to?  Cardio (especially running).
4. The absolute BEST part of your day?  Unwinding in the evening. I love to get my comfy clothes on and sit in my recliner.
5. Your motivator in the gym is?  Good music. I like a variety. I actually have been known to do cardio to easy listening and I love country. Another thing that motivates me is the people that tell me I motivate them. This helps me keep doing what I am doing.
6. What’s your favorite song in your playlist right now?  “Timber” by Pitbull
7. What would your “last meal” be?  It would be a toss up between hamburger and sweet potato fries, big stack of pancakes, or a Snickers bar. I keep a Snickers bar in my carry on because as much as I travel if that plane goes down I am going happy!!


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