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© Mark Bradfield I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario.  In 2004, I moved to South Korea for 2 years to teach English as a Second Language and travel throughout South East Asia.  In 2008, I followed my heart and passion for health and fitness and moved to Vancouver, BC. Growing up I always wanted to be fit but I struggled with how to achieve my goals.  I didn’t grow up as an athletic child, teenager, or young adult, but I knew I wanted to be an athlete.

I remember reading my first fitness magazine and, like so many of the women on those pages, I instantly felt reassured that maybe I too could make a transformation to a healthier lifestyle.  Soon after following meal plans, tips, and workouts, I started to see a difference in my physique.  However, the benefits of eating clean and working out came to an end when I let the stress of university consume me in 2004.  I found emotional comfort in food and before I knew it I gained almost 40lbs in less than 6 months.

Shortly after, I started reading about ‘eating-clean’ and I learned the essentials of what this meant and the importance of turning this into a lifestyle.  I incorporated the principles of clean eating into my daily life in addition to going for runs and learning how to lift weights.  Over the year I was able to lose the weight and in exchange I gained some confidence and improved health. In an effort to find another physical challenge in 2009, I discovered CrossFit.

After a year of training in groups and one-on-one with a trainer I noticed my body fat % decreased and my strength increased and a thought I had for 8 years of competing in a physique competition started to seem like a realistic goal.  I began researching the industry and I studied the federations, competitions, categories, and the athletes. In late 2010, I partnered with the coach of Team Blessed Bodies and in September 2011 I competed for the first time and won first place.  After getting my feet wet I prepared for my dream, competing for a pro card.

On June 23rd, 2012 I won my Pro card as a Fitness Model.  Earning my Pro card, being published, landing a cover, and becoming an athlete with Optimum Nutrition were huge dreams of mine that became realities and proved to me that dreams really do come true when you are passionate.  I am truly grateful for everything that has come my way and I am now working toward continuing to become a better version of myself, pushing my limits, and inspiring others to overcome fear and chase their dreams.


7 random questions!

TF: Competing on stage or participating in a photoshoot?
TL: Shoot!

TF: Chocolate or bacon?
TL: Chocolate, always.

TF: What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven?
TL: Oh boy!  140km/hr I believe.

TF: Preference:  The white noise of a big city or the quiet serenity of the Rockies?
TL: The quiet serenity of the Rockies.

TF: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever been asked at an expo?
TL: “Can you kiss me?” – Arnold Sports Festival, 2014.

TF: Preference in men:  Big and muscular or small and intellectual?
TL: Athletic intellectual; best of both worlds!

TF: You’re up late for work; what part of your morning routine gets skipped?
TL: You might be surprised but I usually choose to skip the gym because I would rather get a good night’s sleep, feel rested and hit the gym later for a solid workout that counts. Breakfast and coffee never get missed.


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Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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