Natalie Waples on Cardio

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We are thrilled to sign new columnist Natalie Waples, Canadian IFBB Pro Figure athlete and PVL sponsored athlete to the Training & Fitness team! In this clip, Natalie discusses cardio.  Tune in to find great workouts and tips which will help you reach the goals you’re striving for.

Enjoy this tidbit; there’s more of Natalie to come!

A professional fitness athlete since 2008, Natalie Waples is a proponent for natural, healthy athleticism. Her goal is to inspire others and motivate others to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, through example. Natalie believes in attaining a healthy and fit physique through a combination of balanced nutrition, a solid wellness program, and a challenging training regime. Natalie is an IFBB Pro, Fusion Bodybuilding, Suits By Amy and Liquid Sun Rayz Sponsored Athlete.

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