Toned In 20: Your Holiday Season Quick Fix

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When the hustle and bustle of the holiday season sets in, it’s pretty easy to fall off track with your health and fitness goals. But if you can find 20 minutes (that’s just 1% of the time in an entire day!!), you can keep your bod trim and toned over the winter months. When you find yourself in a pinch for time, try this total body workout for a quick sweat sesh.

I love to start with five to ten minutes of cardio to warm everything up… I usually just hop on the elliptical. 

20-Minute Total Body Workout

Circuit A- 3 rounds/ 45 seconds- 1 minute rest between
10 jump squats
10 push ups
10 leg lift crunches

Circuit B- 3 rounds/ 45 seconds- 1 minute rest between
12 bicycle crunches
12 alternating lunges
30 second wall sit

Circuit C- 3 rounds/ 45 seconds- 1 minute rest between
15 jumping jacks
15 bench dips
15 bicep curls*
15 overhead presses*

Circuit D- 3 rounds/ 45 seconds- 1 minute rest between
10 squats
10 shoulder raises*
10 mountain climbers

*Use dumbells, barbell, or resistance bands

This workout will ensure that you hit every part of your body for a quick and killer total body workout! 

Originally from Baton Rouge, Ashley recently relocated to Dallas, pursuing her dreams which include helping others achieve their own. A happily-married mother of two, Ashley got into fitness by way of a personal challenge from her husband. After just three short months of training, Ashley took six 1st place finishes, including two overall wins in the Bikini class of the NPC. All of this accomplished in a single season. "Anyone can inspire, but to have a physical impact on someone's life and change the course of their health for the better is a true blessing."

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