#GirlCrush Christmas Abbott


As a Personal Trainer, I have become accustomed to the sets, reps, heavy lifting, rest, and steady state cardio sessions comprising my typical workout. Just recently, I decided it was time to change up my routine and try CrossFit. Let me tell you, this sport is tough! When I started researching more about CrossFit,  competitions, and athletes, I was motivated to keep challenging myself and beat my own AMRAP (CrossFit lingo for As Many Reps/Rounds as Possible).  One athlete in particular that stood out to me, not only because her name is my favourite holiday but because she’s simply BADA$$, is my #GirlCrush of the month: Christmas Abbott.

Tiny but strong, Christmas Abbott made headlines after being named NASCAR’S first-ever female pit crew member. Although many doubted her at first, she has been able to prove them wrong and show that, at only 5 feet 3 inches and weighing 118lbs, she is more than capable of keeping up with the boys and lifting tires half her size to bolt to the cars in 12 seconds or less.

When Christmas isn’t changing tires, she is busy running her own CrossFit facility, participating in Olympic Lifting and CrossFit competitions, and leading her own workshops as a Head Trainer for CrossFit Headquarters.  In her teens, she never worked out and was an avid smoker. Enrolling in Iraq as a civilian contractor changed her lifestyle, transformed her body, and kickstarted her very successful CrossFit journey. Christmas has become a member of the highly respected CrossFit Headquarters Seminar Staff; she has led her team to the Mid-Atlantic Regionals for the CrossFit games for the past three years, which included 2 qualifications and trips to the Reebok CrossFit Games.  Call her Midas…everything this gal touches turns to gold!

CrossFit Maxes:

Clean & Jerk: 170 lb
Snatch: 140 lb
Deadlift: 255 lb
Back Squat: 225 lb
Max Pull-ups: 35


Follow Christmas:

web: christmasabbott.com
instagram: @christmasabbott
witter: @christmasabbott

Chi Malixi has been in the Fitness & Wellness industry for over 10 years. A graduate of Health & Fitness Promotion, Chi is currently a Fitness Consultant, Personal Trainer Specialist, Weight Loss Coach and a Registered Yoga Teacher. She continues to share her passion in guiding others towards their fitness goals and aspiration through education and motivation.

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