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Kirsty Dunne


TF:  You’re quite the fitness celeb!  How did you get into the fitness “movement”?
KD:  Well thank you! 😉 My career started as a way of living and passion! I am quite the book nerd when it comes to science- I wanted to learn as much about our bodies, performance and nutrition as possible and then decided to apply it to my own body! Be my own guinea pig before coaching anyone else! Lol. I like a challenge so I entered my first WNSO fitness competition which was created for those looking to compete on an even playing field…naturally- It wasn’t about winning- It was the journey of becoming my strongest and fittest with a goal, date and accountability- I didn’t plan to be where I am today and I am grateful that something I love evolved into a career!
TF:  You travel quite extensively with work – what’s the best part and what’s the worst part?
KD:  The best part is meeting so many new people in my industry that I have been able to work with and learn about their journey- its very inspiring, fitness icons that I look up to- Founder of Zumba Beto Perez, Mario Lopez- my crush growing up! There are so many fitness languages around the world and its always evolving! The worst part…..I would say the long flights! I don’t like to sit for too long! I’m always on the go- feel sorry for the person sitting beside me- as I constantly jig my leg lol.

TF:  What’s the biggest misconception people have about you and/or fitness?
KD:  That I am strict about my diet and probably just train a lot and deprive myself to have that shoot ready body – the truth is, I look like this all the time because it’s a healthy lifestyle for me-I’m quite active and don’t just focus on aesthetics but performance goals- it’s knowledge and learning about your body and what works for you- its’ all about consistency and commitment to live healthier everyday! I’m always shoot ready because my secret is- I live a balanced active lifestyle! I never feel guilty for indulgences and missing a workout- I listen to my body……Nope, no low carb diets or living on salads for me!

TF:  What keeps you motivated?
KD:  Goals! I like booking active cycling trips or training for a short marathon! It keeps me accountable and challenged! Performance goals are important because it’s not always about focusing on the aesthetics but performance and the progress of getting closer to your goals!

TF:  Any guilty pleasures?
KD:  Where do I begin? Lol. Starbuck cake pops, yep so random but gotta love those pink ones with sprinkles and a really good croissants- It reminds me of watching the end of Tour De France in Paris- For once I was sitting eating a croissant and they were cycling to the finish! Epic! When I cheat, it’s got to be a great tasting cheat- I savour these guilty pleasures!

TF:  We hear you might be sticking around a while..  what’s in store for our readers?
KD:  Yes I will be and excited to Join the team! Many Fitness challenges, motivation and giveaways from my friends at Nature’s Emporium and Adidas! Hoping to bring you new challenges, keep you inspired and shake things up!

7 Random Questions!

1. Best feature:  Glutes or Shoulders?
KD:  Glutes! I love strong legs and a healthy looking toned butt! So womanly and sexy! After all the years of lunges , cycling and miles I’ve put into bike trips across Italy and California- You would think I would at least love my glutes! 😉 Yes I do……

2. Last meal you prepped?
One of my favourite recipes from Natures Emporium!  Vegan Caesar wrap with vegan coconut Bacon! Its the perfect, quick and healthy lunch on the go!

3. Are you a nite-owl or a morning person?
KD:  With a great cappuccino and almond milk, then I am a morning person! Lol. No but really-Getting outdoors to run early, a workout to start my day makes me feel so much more productive and focused!

4. A country you’ve never been but are dying to visit?
KD:  Born in the UK, London England but really want to visit Scotland……..I want to cycle across Scotland- Rain or shine…..this is my next performance goal!

5. Your most recent food indulgence?
KD:  Natures Emporium Vegan Coconut Bacon…….Tastes so good….. feels like a food indulgence without the guilt!

6. Fav song in your playlist these days?
KD:  Coldplay- Adventure of a Lifetime

7. Fav pair of shoes?
KD:  My #pureboostx adidas running shoes- The first shoe that can keep up with me! Its like running on a cloud! I love to sprint and run outdoors need a supportive shoe especially with my plyometrics- Years of running shoes and not one complaint with this one……. I have met my match!

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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