Elizabeth Lugo


At what point in your life did you decide “enough was enough”?  What prompted you to start on your fitness journey?

The point in my life that made me decide “enough was enough” was when I would look in the mirror and see someone I didn’t know or even like. I hated having my picture taken and I didn’t like feeling the way I was feeling. I was depressed and what made me feel better was eating, but in reality it didn’t help me at all as I’d be more depressed after I ate. It was a vicious cycle. What prompted me to start on my fitness journey was the fact that I couldn’t keep up with my son. I used to be very athletic and always had tons of energy but I would find I didn’t have the energy any longer and all I would want to do was sit around and do nothing. That wasn’t fair to my son or myself.

Do you have a particular food-based vice?  One which you find difficult to say no to?

Yes, I love French Fries and ice cream!

What inspired you to hire and work with Lori-Ann Marchese?

Two friends of mine inspired me to hire/work with Lori-Ann Marchese. I saw their results and couldn’t believe it. I had tried several other gyms before but never saw any progress and I would loose motivation so i simply wouldn’t go. I decided to sit down and talk to Lori-Ann after watching one of her classes. Instantly, I knew I needed to become a Body Construct girl. The energy in the room during the class and Lori-Ann’s knowledge of fitness had me “hooked”. She listened to everything I had to say and promised me I would achieve my goals. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would every achieve my goals and then some. Lori-Ann Marchese is an amazing trainer.

Do you prefer group-based sessions or solo one-on-one sessions?  Why?

I definitely prefer group based sessions versus solo one-on-one because all of the women in the group being their energy, encouragement and determination to be the best they can be. The energy in the room helps me to stay focused and to succeed. Plus, working out next to a friend(s) helps to push me and motivate me.

How would you describe your experiences so far with Lori-Ann?

My experience so far with Lori-Ann has been amazing. When I sat down with her and told her about what I wanted to accomplish she told me she could help me get there. I was in such a bad place emotionally when I entered Body Construct and having Lori-Ann just listen to me was a wonderful thing. I could tell she truly cared about what I wanted my fitness goals to be.

How has your life improved?

My life has improved because I am more confident, have more energy and find I’m enjoying life. Plus i like having my picture taken now.

What’s your favorite time of the day to exercise?

My favorite time of the day to exercise is in the evenings.  After teaching all day, I like to head to the gym for an hour and have time for myself. It’s a great stress reliever.

Do you have a favorite exercise?  One which you dislike the most?

My favorite exercise class is kickboxing. I visualize a lot of things as I’m punching and kicking the bag. It helps to relieve a lot of stress in my personal life. The class I dislike the most is Rack It Up.

What advice would you give anyone who may be contemplating a lifestyle change?

The advice I would give someone contemplating a life style change would be “just do it”. Don’t be afraid to jump in and give it your all. Everyone needs to start somewhere. Why not start today?

Lori-Ann has wonderful sayings she uses as we’re working out. One of my favorites she uses is “if you’re not sweating you’re not burning fat as sweat is fat crying.”  I am so happy I chose to give Lori-Ann Marchese and Body Construct a try. I truly am part of a wonderful gym and have made several lifelong friends. We truly are a family.

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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