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Alison grew up playing sports, often in the dirt and mud with her two brothers.  She was a ‘tomboy’ in the truest sense of the word- even her dad referred to her as one of the boys.  Alison played hockey for ten years and was on the very first all-girls team in her home town.  Growing up extremely shy, she used sports to express herself; she could perform without speaking at all.  Once entering university, team sports ceased and Alison no longer knew where she fit in.  She had always wanted to join a gym but the thought was terrifying.  She actually drove by a gym near her home multiple times before walking through the doors.  Living in fear is one of the most horrible feelings in the world, so she told herself to ‘let it go’,  hired a personal trainer, and fell in love with lifting weights.

The Fit Journey Begins

In 2011, Alison entered her very first figure competition.  She placed third and was hooked on the adrenaline of being on stage.  Growing up scared of her own shadow, she never imagined she would find the strength and confidence to compete.  Unfortunately, many mistakes were made along the way.  She fell into the excessive cardio trap and restricted her eating to the point of eliminating entire food groups.  It was not until she came across her current coach and learned how to track macronutrients that her physique flourished.  Alison went from being extremely thin to building muscle.  Alison believes that, no matter what anyone says, it is possible to be too lean.  During this time, Alison developed anxiety and had a full-blown anxiety attack.  Once she learned how to balance her life and love for fitness, her anxiety eased, her confidence grew, and she found her voice.  After all, Alison is a full-time floral designer, and someone needs the energy to make all those bridal bouquets!

Alison Today

Alison has since competed twice more, placing third in both shows.  As much as she loves competing, she has found a passion for fitness modelling.  The ability to display her hard work and strength without a placing attached to it is empowering.  She does not feel placings are important, but it is the feeling within that matters.  The inability to surpass third place has not altered her love for fitness in any way.  In fact, she hopes to continue to pursue fitness modelling, hoping to inspire others to find their inner strength in order to pursue what they love.  Alison has also recently found out that she has scoliosis.  Many people have told her to stop lifting weights, but she will always find a way of achieving her dreams.

Alison Galbraith has had a long journey in the fitness world, and continues to challenge herself to be the absolute best she can be.

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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