10 Photographers you MUST work with in 2014

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As a photographer operating in the fitness industry, I’m constantly exposed to the work of my peers.  A significant portion of these photographers are really good, and some are extremely good.  I’ve compiled this list of photographers who I believe were stand-outs in 2013, and whom I feel you should be approaching if you’re looking to capture the very best images in 2014.  Training & Fitness Magazine applauds these photographers for their innovative approach and sense of style.  Please note, this list is not numbered; I do not recommend one over another, but recommend each for different reasons, pertaining only to quality of their work.

Noel Daganta
Noel pretty much penned the instruction manual on how to get published in this industry. He has credits in countless publications, and for good reason. Noel is also one of the few who can shoot both men and women extremely well, and in various styles; all of them stunning.

Paul Buceta
Once you’ve seen his work, you can easily spot a Buceta image and they are usually unforgettable. Anyone looking for a well-rounded portfolio will have Buceta on the list of photographers to work with.

Sarah Lyons / Picturegroove
Sarah has an approach which is completely her own. Her images are true works of art, with emphasis placed on extremely vivid Makeup, Hair Styling, Wardrobe and Location. These captures are so rich in eye-catching detail that if Picturegroove were a dessert dish, it’d have more calories than a double-fudge sundae sitting atop a peanut butter brownie cheesecake surprise.

James Patrick
James has taken fitness photography by storm – his ability to create strong, stunning images while preserving a beautiful feminine aesthetic has resulted in a strong showing this year.  His publication credits include Oxygen and Ironman magazines, among others.

Eva Simon
A successful model turned photographer, Eva creates beautiful imagery in studio or on location.  Her modelling experience has provided her with the unique perspective necessary to style and compose her photos better than many, and when it comes to directing clients during a session, there are few better.

Isaac Hinds
Isaac has been published in just about every major fitness publication and has worked with the elite of the industry.  His firm, Lift Studios is also a brand strategy and design firm providing branding, consulting, design, interactive and marketing services.

Pavel Ythjall
Pavel is one of the few photographers who can preserve beauty while capturing a rough, edgy, high-contrast image. Plain and simple: if you’re looking for the gritty, dirty, pump-house style gym look, Pavel is your guy.

Natalie Minh
An expert in Marketing and Brand Management, Natalie not only carries the publication credits you’d expect from an accomplished fitness photographer, but she wrote the book on how to get into fitness modelling. I’m not kidding, she wrote a book on the subject. Her images are also stunning, which places her firmly in this top-10 list.

Lee’s fitness portfolio appears as though it were styled by a fashion photographer.  His images speak strong emotions and he has a sense of style and flare which propel him above other photographers.  He’s among the best of the best when working outdoors on location and you’ll find his work when browsing images of the most popular athletes today.

Gregory James
Gregory began his career in front of the camera, and this experience gives him great insight when it comes to directing and styling his sessions.  Publication credits include MuscleMag International, Oxygen, Reps, American Curves, and many more.


Mark Bradfield

Art Director / Chief Photographer
Training & Fitness Magazine
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