Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide (Plus Exclusive Discounts On Our Favourite Gadgets!)


It’s that time of year again…

Holiday shopping can be fun and exciting, but it can also be somewhat stressful if you are left guessing what to get for the special people on your list.

Gift certificates are an easy option, but it’s also really nice to be able to wrap something up and surprise someone you care about, so I have pulled together some awesome ideas to help ease the stress this holiday season.

Here are my top gift picks for the fitness lover on your list.

                                                     The Barbell Box

photo_1Have you heard of Bark Box for your dogs? This is for YOU (or the fit enthusiast on your list!). The Barbell Box is a goodie box filled with today’s most sought-after fitness toys and supplements, delivered right to your door every month. The Barbell Box is on a mission to deliver ONLY the top quality products, promising the value to be far above the monthly subscription cost.

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photo_1This one is strictly for the females. Whether she is a fitness lover or not, I’ve got your winning ticket. Everybody is talking about these jeans and, those lucky enough, are wearing them. They are the best butt jean around. Canadian company LIVIFY is changing the jean game, and women are tearing them off the shelves. With an incredible lifting technology, these jeans and trousers truly do help lift and shape that booty.Whether you are running weekend errands or heading out on the town with your man or girlfriends, you are SURE to turn heads in these babies. Keep in mind that these Italian pants are fitted tight and will require sizing up for the perfect fit. Double check the sizing charts offered online for accuracy.

**BONUS: The team at Livify is offering our readers a SHORT TERM pre Christmas discount so hop on those online purchases before December 13th. Be sure to enter the discount code tandf10  at checkout. Browse the selection here.

             Adult Lunch Kit

photo_3FitMark bags are the ultimate organizational tool for keeping your nutrition in check. The bags are sold in a variety of sizes, from mini purse-sized, which holds up to two meals, to full sized, which can store six meals and four drinks (wow!). These kits come stocked with ice packs and ice pack storage inside to keep food cool all day long. They come with food storage containers to fit in each bag, as well as handles and over-the-shoulder carriers to make transport of some of the bigger bags much easier. They are super convenient for anyone working outside of the home.

FitMark Lunch Kit– $79- $119

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Resistance Training Bands

photo_2Made in a large variety of styles and strengths, bands add great variance to your typical workout. Your glute development can especially benefit from squatting or deadlifting with bands around the lower thigh (above the knee), or around a stable base. Learning to master a pull up will only happen faster with the use of an assistance band. Bands are an incredible on-the-go fit travel tool, as well as an everyday training staple. I have been using and loving the variety of full body resistance options with this product line.

B-Force Bands– $9.99-$245 (prices range depending on bundle)

**BONUS: The team at B Force is offering T&F readers 10% off all online purchases. Be sure to enter the discount code training and fitness mag10 at checkout. Browse the selections here.

                                                 TRX band system

the_trx_home_kit-b538e000d8e49c78e52fedb7d577e53cThe TRX has grown in popularity over the past 5 years due to it’s extensive list of exercise and training options and the fact that it’s mobile and can travel nearly everywhere with you. Though a little pricier, this is A TOP choice for any fitness enthusiast.

TRX Training System– $199-$299


simple.b-cssdisabled-png.ha2bdfa0d4f3eb7e7641b9cc1b396f37bThe sleek style of the Fitbit makes it easy for everyday wear. Fitbit bracelets tracks your daily steps, your sleep patterns, calories burned, your heart rate, activity stats, and so much more. Anything (and everything!) you can track for fitness success can be measured with a Fitbit accessory.

Fitbit– $59-$299

    GYMBOSS Interval Timer

gymboss-front-blueInterval training is everywhere, and for good reason. The Gymboss timer is the perfect gift for someone who trains in this style. It’s lightweight, no bigger than two inches, and clips to your clothing. You can set Gymboss up to any interval you wish, with a variety of options for the alarm, including silent vibration and an increasing sound level for the beep. I’ve been using Gymboss both with my personal training clients and my own training, and I am loving it. They come in a variety of fun colours and fit perfectly in a stocking.

Gymboss Interval Timer– $19.95- $27.95

Foam Rollers and Acuball

photo_5Potentially the most beneficial gift of them all falls under the maintenance and recovery category and comes in a few forms. I am talking about foam rollers, and Acuball. The muscles are worked out daily, but are often neglected when it comes to maintenance- until there is an injury. Foam rolling is becoming more and more popular with avid gym goers as they are experiencing the benefits of proper mobility and muscle recovery. The Acuball is one-of-a-kind in the sense that you can actually heat it up for extra relief on painful areas. Pain is noticeably relieved within three minutes of applying just bodyweight pressure. The Acuball comes in mini and regular balls, back rollers, and larger pads for bigger muscles- a truly incredible gift for any active person on your list.

Acuball– $22.99-59.99

Happy shopping, and happy holidays from myself and the entire T&F family!

I'm a personal trainer, a life coach, a friend, a counsellor, a shoulder, a punching bag... a boot camp instructor ... you name it i play that role, and I am happy to do it. Some people say you shouldn't build personal relationships with clients... i say screw it. Life is short, if you want to do it, do it, smile a lot, laugh a lot more, be kind, be wise, follow your instinct, have a blast, love, and drink water.

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