Staying Fit On The Road


As the winter weather intensifies, taking a trip to a sunny destination seemingly becomes more and more alluring. Being a competitive athlete, I find myself boarding planes every other month (sometimes every other week!) and am often asked how I stay on track with my health and fitness goals while travelling. Over the years, I’ve mastered the art of fit travel and I’ve compiled below some of my surefire strategies to continue your workout routine while on holidays.

Be prepared

Whether you are staying in a hotel, igloo, or someone’s home, you can pack minimal workout gear and still get a maximum workout. Resistance bands of varying tensions, skipping ropes, and hand or ankle weights can all be used to perform a complete workout.

My go-to exercises:

Skipping rope (cardio)- single and Double Unders
Push ups (elevate your feet on a bed or chair to make these more challenging and hit your upper chest)
Planks (regular and side)
Lunges (walking, alternating, stationary, curtsy, reverse)
Various exercises with the resistance bands (bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, overhead presses, lateral raises, bent over rows)

Scope the city

Travelling can be a great opportunity to try some new activities. Whenever I plan to be away, I always check local websites for classes, crossfit boxes, yoga studios, and any other activity that may be interesting. While in Vancouver, you can take your workout outdoors and climb Grouse Mountain (elevation 1200 plus meters above sea level), or if you are going to be in the National Capital Region during the summer, Ottawa hosts various adventure races across the city like the Tough Mudder and the Army Run (this can also be an opportunity for you to partake in an activity that supports local charities).

Continue with your tried and true workouts

If you are like me and enjoy traditional weight workouts, it is best to do some research ahead of your trip to get a sense of gyms nearby as well as their costs, locations, facility offerings, and hours of operation. This allows you to transition seamlessly into your regular workout schedule once you arrive at your destination. If you are staying at a hotel, they may also have an affiliation with a nearby gym and can often provide a discounted rate for your stay.

Remember the miscellaneous items

So you’ve made a plan to train while travelling, but you want to ensure that you are optimizing your workouts while you are away. This means remembering to pack your supplements (pre/intra and post workout), protein powder, shaker cup, and anything else that you consider essential in your workout arsenal. I always pack my workout log so that I can track my training regardless of location, as well as my MP3 player (for some motivational beats) and water bottle.

If there is one thing that being a girl guide taught me, it was to be prepared. This especially holds true when travelling; proper preparation doesn’t require a lot of effort and will leave you feeling accomplished as you head back home to kick off the new year!

A professional fitness athlete since 2008, Natalie Waples is a proponent for natural, healthy athleticism. Her goal is to inspire others and motivate others to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, through example. Natalie believes in attaining a healthy and fit physique through a combination of balanced nutrition, a solid wellness program, and a challenging training regime. Natalie is an IFBB Pro, Fusion Bodybuilding, Suits By Amy and Liquid Sun Rayz Sponsored Athlete.

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