Tame That Mane: Gym Hair Made Easy!


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It’s gym time… you’ve eaten your pre-workout meal, downed your fluids, reviewed your workout, set your goals for the day, and put your gear on. But a quick glance in the mirror tells you that you’ve forgotten to do one thing…hair! Is it another ponytail day? It doesn’t have to be!

Let’s be realistic, there are certain workouts where having your hair flopping around in a ponytail just isn’t practical.  Here are some quick and easy gym hair suggestions to tame that mane!


Ideal for: Leg days, low impact cardio, outdoor walks/jogs

Positioning is the key to the functionality of this style! If your workout includes any exercises that require weight to be placed on the shoulders, you will want to place the bun out of the way at the back of your head and at a medium to high height. Additionally, if you will be performing movements requiring you to rest against a bench or lie flat on your back, a high top knot would be most ideal to ensure your form is not compromised by a bun on the back of your head.

How-to: Gather your hair high on the crown of your head. Twist and circle it around loosely and secure with either pins or elastic over top. For a tighter look, wrap hair tighter anywhere on your head.

French Braid/Braided Pony

Ideal for: HIIT training, high impact cardio, arm days – particularly exercises requiring you to lay flat on a machine/bench, long runs, yoga

The braided pony is a simpler style and can easily be redone after your workout to freshen up the look quickly. You can also change the appearance of either style by placing the elastic at the nape of your neck or braiding the pony looser or tighter.


Braided pony: Gather hair into a ponytail toward the top of your head. Secure ponytail with an elastic.  Separate the hair into three equal sections and bring the right strand to the middle and the middle strand to the right side. Next, bring the left strand to the middle and the current middle strand to the left. Continue until bottom of hair.

For a more detailed explanation of the basic braid and the French braid, try searching braiding tutorials on YouTube and following along when you have time to trial the style.

Side Pony/Pull-through

Ideal for: Most workouts, except running (unless swinging/bouncing hair doesn’t bother you)

The side pony is a go-to for days when any shoulder-bearing weight moves are on the agenda. You can do a low side pony pull-through to keep your hair controlled, allowing you to focus on that mind-muscle connection and not on the loose strands of hair interfering with your vision.


Side pony: Gather hair at nape of neck behind ear and tie using an elastic. You could also braid the side pony.

Pull-through: Gather hair as you would for a ponytail but, on the last loop of the elastic, only pull hair 80%-50% through depending on your preference.

Have a few more minutes? Try this more time-intensive style for more functionality and variance.

Boxer Braids

How to: Section hair evenly on each side. Do a tight French braid down each side of your head ending at the nape. After you have braided each side to the nape, join the two braids and continue braiding to the ends or wrap into a low bun. Secure with an elastic.

You may want to add a headband to any of the above styles to keep any shorter front pieces in place. Following the gym, you can prolong any of the looks by adding a ribbon, bow or sparkly clip. Have fun and get your sweat on!

By: Dayna Khan

About the writer:

Dayna is a lover of health, sweat and all things motivation. She strives to inspire others through sharing her personal journey openly and spreading words of commitment, dedication and more through her public Facebook Forum – Beyond Health and Wellness.

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