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© Mark BradfieldTF: You have such a strong following and a great number of professional accomplishments behind you, yet you’re quite new to the sport. What’s your take on climbing the ladder so rapidly to stardom?
AC: I honestly tried to put myself anywhere and everywhere. I made the effort to meet photographers locally, networked with other local accomplished fitness models and hoped someone would catch interest on my look. Competing was just an idea; turning Pro would’ve been nice, but in the end I wanted to be the next Jamie Eason, so I tried to model anywhere and everywhere like Jamie did when she started. I am goofy and talk openly about my life via social media. A lot of women and men appreciate that and my following grew from there.

TF: Modelling does seem to come with competing. Do you see yourself modelling more and more as your career unfolds?
AC: If the opportunities arise I will always be honored to model for companies, magazines, my sponsors, etc. I love that I am growing with this sport though, the time to really make a mark in the IFBB can be a small window, so I am taking all the opportunities I can and I hope modeling will come as I continue with my career.

TF: Let’s step over to the competing.. Do you have a favorite show or a “win” that stands out from the rest?
AC: Always the evening I became an IFBB Pro at the NPC JR Nationals June ’13, only my second figure competition, I was totally surprised.

TF: Now that you’re a pro, what do you look forward to when competing? Any goals set out front?
AC: I love the aspect of traveling, I never traveled before and now I have sponsors and my parents who help send me places I would’ve never visited otherwise. Top goals would definitely be winning Ms olympia and Figure international titles one day

TF: Every now and then, we see athletes jump classes. Does this cross your mind at all? Ever wonder about competing in Physique or Bikini?
AC: Physque would be awesome! I would love to have a routine, I would definitely show off my pop-locking skills to some old school tunes. I couldn’t see myself in bikini with my broad shoulders and back.

TF: Who do you look up to most in the industry?
AC: I admire Nicole Wilkins, she always brings a better package to the stage each time she competes. She has been competing for so long, and that truly take perseverance and discipline. I respect her influence on the industry, and the path she has paved for the new generation of competitors.

TF: Do you see yourself in fitness for a similar amount of time (long-term)?
AC: Honestly, not too sure. I would like to have a family and I don’t want to wait forever. I am going to be 28 this year, I would love to be married and start my family early 30’s. Fitness is a part of my life, competing or not, and I think I’ll know when its ready when to step away.
Time for 7 random questions!

TF: Chicken or Tilapia?
AC: Chicken

TF: What’s your favorite item in your gym bag?
AC: Leather Altus lifting belt

TF: Who’s your #GirlCrush? Anyone in the sport (or outside of it) which you adore?
AC: Love Love Love P!nk – Her style and body is always on point

TF: Who’s an artist that simply MUST be in your playlist?
AC: Jason Aldean- I got a little country in my soul

TF: What’s the last thing you ate today?
AC: Myoatmeal’s Dirty Banana Oatmeal Protein pancakes

TF: Training in the desert – plus or minus?
AC: Huge Plus! You always get a good sweat and a nice tan in the valley of the sun. I’ve done a few Fire Fighter workouts with my boyfriend and its brutal, but it makes you stronger for sure.

TF: You’re big on social media – Do you have a favorite?
AC: Instagram for sure; I have a larger following on there.

TF: Any last words?
AC: I would like to thank my manager, J.M. Manion with Fitness Management Group; Marilyn Spatola with Liquid Sun Rayz; Randall Pich over at Live Fit Apparel; Anthony and Kathy Collova with Myoatmeal; my coach Damian Segovia and a BIG thank you to Mark Bradfield for choosing me to represent an amazing magazine and gracing me with the May cover. I appreciate the love and support from all my family, friends and  fans, your all amazing and thank you a TON!


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Alicia Coates appears courtesy of Fitness Management Group (FMG).

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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