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© Mark BradfieldTF: Can you tell us how you began your journey into fitness? Was there a defining moment?
AM: Growing up, I was always active in sports.  It was at the age of 16 that I first stepped into a gym, my older sister worked there.  That was it; I was hooked

TF: And then something inspired you to compete.. Tell us about that..
AM: I always looked at the fitness magazines, the competitors and pros thought ” wow ” how amazing they were for pushing their bodies to achieve max results. I thought about competing for years before I actually did it. I was talking with my sister about competing and she said ” you’re going to regret the things you didn’t do and not the things you did do”.  This burned inside of me and I knew I had to push my self doubt aside and do it.

TF: What was that first show like?
AM: A whole mix of feelings, scared, exciting, proud of myself all once.  I finally did it!

TF: How did you do at that show?
AM: I placed 2nd in the NPAA Bikini Division

TF: Wow, 2nd place finish at your first show!  Tell us about your finishes for each show after that..
AM: Two weeks later I went to Kelowna to compete in the BCABBA.  This was the show I was training for originally and had decided to do; the NPAA was simply a warm-up show.  It was also local and many of my teammates were competing in it as well so it was a great experience.  At Kelowna I placed 3rd, and I qualified for the BCABBA Provincials which were held in June.  I took 5th at that show, which qualified me to go to the CBBF Nationals show that August.  I went and placed 11th.  I wasn’t concerned with the placing at that point; I was thrilled to be on a National stage with so many great athletes.

TF: What’s next for you?
AM: Well as far as competing goes, my placing at Nationals qualified me to go back to Provincials next June.  I plan to go and compete there and qualify for Nationals which are held the week after in Edmonton.  Ultimately, I aspire to earn my IFBB Bikini Pro Card.

TF: Let’s shift and talk about modelling.  You recently attended a Training & Fitness modelling workshop in Vancouver.  Had you done any modelling before attending the workshop?
AM: I’m not sure how to answer this.. I participated in a few photoshoots in 2013 and was in a fitness video in 2012 but no real modeling for print.  So I guess no?

TF: I’d say that’s experience.  Are you interested in pursuing a modelling career?
AM: yes very much so!

TF: Why?
AM: Its more of a feeling, I think this it is what I am supposed to be doing.  I love doing shoots.  I also believe it would help me promote myself within the industry and for my personal training business.  I think I have a versatile look and can go beyond fitness.

TF: Speaking of versatility, can you shed some light on other activities you like to do in your spare time?
AM: Yes, I love to stay active.  I play hockey every winter and love to snowboard.  In the summer I wake board.  I am a bit of a tomboy at heart.

TF: If you could speak to other aspiring models out there, what would you tell them?
AM: I would tell them to do their research.  With everything; photographers, contracts, prep etc.  I’d tell them to make educated decisions and to ask others who have been there for advice, if they can.  Enjoy the experiences and go after what you want.


7 random questions:

1. Upscale dinner and live theatre or Hockey Game followed by the Pub?  LOL Definitely the hockey game and pub.  I love a cold beer.
2. Chicken & Sweet Potatoes or Tilapia and Asparagus?  Chicken and Sweet Potatoes, but I love both!
3. What was your absolute favorite toy as a child?  My YZ80 dirt bike that was a hand me down from my brother at the age of 10.
4. What’s the one thing you cannot live without?  A health-conscious mentality.
5. Name your biggest regret or greatest accomplishment of 2013..  Greatest Accomplishment of 2013 – competing at the National Level with the CBBF my first year competing.
6. What would your “last meal” be?  Cheese stuffed tortellini, baked with more cheese, garlic bread, Cesar salad minus the bacon bits and a glass wine.
7. Who’s funner, Will Ferrell or Jim Carrey?  Will Ferrell.. Streaking scene from “Old School”.. Priceless!


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