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Training & Fitness Magazine Cover Kyla GagnonTF: What got you into Fitness?
KG: When I was 17 and everyone in school was figuring out what career path they wanted to take all I could think of was FITNESS and how I could make it a career.  I grew up as a competitive figure skater Quit around 14. Around the age of 15 or 16 I stared joining my mom in her obsession with home workout videos. Billie Blanks TaeBo was an all time favorite of ours.  While contemplating if I could make fitness a career or not I decided to get certified in group fitness so I could teach what at the time was still aerobic classes( who doesn’t love a good ol step class;).  I actually hated teaching classes in the end but it DID ensure that I loved fitness I loved people and I loved helping people with their fitness.  I took the leap hoped for the best and now at 31 I couldn’t possibly imagine working in any other industry doing anything other than what I am doing today.

TF: You’re a big advocate of being a friend while at the same time a trainer. Any bad experiences with that?
KG: I have been very lucky with my clients. I am able to maintain a level of professionalism and authority during our sessions while at the same time providing a place of openness and honesty. I feel honoured that people feel comfortable talking to me about their lives and it actually allows me insight and more understanding of where my clients are coming from. Sometimes we have tough days.. And if I am aware of it or at least have a bit of insight I have the opportunity to cheer them up and maybe make somewhat of a difference.

TF: What’s the absolute best thing about working in this industry? What’s the absolute worst?
KG: The best thing to me about working in the fitness industry is the constant inspiration and motivation to better yourself. Not only physically but mentally and spiritually. I have connected with some of who I now call my best friends through the industry.  These people inspire me to push myself daily with my profession my training and my personal growth.  The connections you can make in the fitness industry can be life changing… Hey!!  I met YOU.  The worst part, would be the toll on your self esteem.  There will always be people with opinions and people who love to share them.  The computer screen allows the negativity to flow without any repercussion.  There will also always be someone who “looks better” than you or has bigger muscles or bigger boobs or a prettier face or a nicer bum.  None of this matters in reality and to be honest is in the we of the beholder so shouldn’t matter anyway..  But we are human, and it gets to you.

TF: You’ve been a “Magnum” girl for a long time; since I’ve known you, actually. We notice that many athletes bounce around; what’s kept you at Magnum?
KG: I have been blessed to be a part of team Magnum actually since 2007 . I signed on as a full time sponsored athlete in 2010.  Something that is really important to me is Integrity. Do what you say you are going to do. Your word is everything, to me anyway.  Magnum’s middle name should be Integrity.  The company holds HIGH standards for the products and their team. Nothing but the best pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used in our products and they work!!  Our team is a family. A family of dedicated athletes who push the limits daily and live their best lives.  Being a part of Magnum is something I hold very dear to my heart.

TF: Someone decides to hold an awards ceremony this year for “Fitness Person of the Year”. Who do you vote for?
KG: Fitness person of the year…  This took me a while and i wanted to nominate myself, but I am really happy with my final answer.

She is a fellow teammate Michelle MacDonald.  Michelle is an incredible woman who lives her truth 100%.  Her yoga practice is beautiful and inspirational.  Her strength in the gym, for a little thing is powerful.  She glows with health love and life…  I wish this award existed; she deserves it.

TF: What’s on your list of things to accomplish in 2015?
KG: 2015 is a year of growth for me. I have some business goals I’d like to accomplish. My online training was busy this past year and I’d love to continue growing that avenue.  I have another online company focused on bodyweight HIIT workouts, and we are currently looking at developing a new program which will be available for purchase. ( and  I won’t be competing this year, as I am travelling almost every month and there won’t be sufficient time to prep the way I’d like to.


7 Random Questions:

TF: Chocolate or Vanilla?
KG: Hands down, not even a question: CHOCOLATE.

TF: Last movie you watched?
KG: Dawn of Planet of the Apes…. I want a pet gorilla

TF: Your preference: A month without your mobile device (iphone, etc) or a month without sex?
KG: Thanks to the magic of the Internet (Facebook and email), I could connect with my clients online and I’d happily THROW my phone away given those options.
TF: *Did she actually answer the question??*  🙂

TF: Your fav exercise to perform.
KG: I love to squat. All varieties of squats. Front squat back squat box squat jump Squats

TF: Arnold or Olympia?
KG: Olympia…. I love Vegas…. I can’t help it

TF: Any superstitions?
KG: No superstitions here…. I’m pretty ok with things just happening as they happen… I do however always see the same numbers… Everywhere in bizarre places.

TF: Will we see you wearing a onesie in Columbus?
KG: Ohhhhh that’s a deep secret you will have to wait for.

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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