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TF: You’re involved in many facets of the fitness industry..  How’d you get into it, what are you passionate about with it?
ST: I hold both an Undergraduate Degree in Biological Science and a Master’s Degree in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences. I played on the women’s basketball team during my undergraduate studies and took on a leadership role for the team, winning multiple championships and also representing the university at the National Championships. I also played on Team Ontario, winning gold at the National Championships 3 years in a row.

I competed in track events, winning many gold medals in the 400m and 800m events, swam competitively, played baseball, volleyball and danced for 10 years. You name it, I’ve done it! I loved sports and I’m very thankful my parents enrolled me in them from a young age! However, after years of sports and injuries, I decided it was time to educate myself on nutrition and training. I wanted to learn how to best take care of my body inside and out. So, while completing my Master’s Degree in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences, I also became and worked full-time as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Spinning Instructor. During this time, I found my true passion. I loved how working out and eating healthy made me feel and I knew I wanted to help others feel the same satisfaction.

I continue to train clients today through my own online training services.  I have experience working with many different clients, including elite athletes, those looking to reach specific goals or improve their overall health and fitness in general. After graduation, I entered the corporate world and I currently work full time as a Brand Manager.  So, I’m quite busy but I always find time for training my online clients on the side and also making time for my family and friends! My relationships are very important to me!

And when I’m not diligently working full time or training my online clients, I enjoy: running road races, duathlons, working out, helping others reach their goals and also competing on stage as a CBBF National Figure competitor. So, fitness has very much always been apart of my life and it will always continue to be!

TF: You’re familiar with the front-end of the business (competing, modelling) and the back-end of the business as well.  How does the back-end knowledge help you with the public face you wear?
ST: Knowing the fitness industry from the inside out has really helped me develop and grow my own brand as a Fitness Model, Trainer and Competitor because I know how to brand myself, promote myself, who to network with and also I’ve been fortunate enough to make great connections and friends along the way!

TF: Goals for 2016?
ST: My goal for 2016 is to get strong and healthy again! This cover came at such a great time, when I needed motivation and strength.

Last week (Oct.1, 2015) I was hit by a car while I was walking across the street and today is the first day I’m able to leave my house on my own! Lying in the hospital strapped to a stretcher and a neck brace on and foam around your head so you can’t move IS A SCARY THING! The CT Scan and X-Rays are clear. I’m so lucky the accident wasn’t worse and I’ll be back at it soon! It will take a while to get my fitness body back because I’m not clear to workout yet probably for a few weeks but I’m happy I can walk (even though it’s slowly!) and have my health!

This cover inspires me to get back to it and gives me strength! You don’t realize how important your fitness and health is until you really need it!! THANK GOD I’m strong and so is my body, if my body was weak the outcome of that accident might have been different. SO take care of your body people, it can SAVE you one day! I will get my strong body back soon and I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!! I’m starting physio soon and once all the swelling and inflammation goes down I can begin to strengthen and rehab my body.  So, the next couple months of 2015 will be to rehab and getting myself strong to take on 2016!  In 2016 I will keep pushing forward with my fitness career, more photo shoots, more covers, more publications with the hopes of inspiring people around the global to build a strong and healthy body….and I will know that I worked hard for it!   

TF: Who’ve you learned most from since you’ve been on your journey?
ST: Honestly, I’ve learned a lot about myself and what you can accomplish if you believe in yourself, work really hard and just TRY!! Being in the fitness industry and pushing yourself to new limits both physically and mentally has taught me a ton and can be applied to so many aspects of your life.  Always finding a healthy balance is key and makes you a better friend, girlfriend, wife, cousin, etc because you are strong and confident both inside and out.

7 Random Questions

1. Guilty pleasure?
ST: Anything with chocolate and peanut better!

2. Protein powder is best mixed with ____________.
ST: Unsweetened cashew milk, Banana, Ice and Natural Peanut Butter – Yum!

3. Your fave part of your physique?
ST: Glutes and shoulders.

4. Your boyfriend’s favorite?
ST: All of it.  😉

5. Most annoying thing at the gym.
ST: When people talk to you while your head phones are on or when you’re in the middle of a set!  Don’t mess up my pump bro!

6. Are you a fan of cardio?
ST: Yup love cardio that’s effective and time efficient. I love HIIT cardio. You can kill it in a short amount of time and work up a great sweat! I love using the skipping rope and battle ropes for example!

7. Final word?
ST: Work hard, play hard and live with no regrets!  After all, its not how many years in a life that count, it’s the life in the years that really matters!!

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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