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At what point in your life did you decide “enough was enough”?  What prompted you to start on your fitness journey?

When I couldn’t fit into last season’s jeans.

Do you have a particular food-based vice?  One which you find difficult to say no to?

Salty things, like pretzels etc.  I’m not a very big fan of sweets – just salty!

What inspired you to hire and work with Lori-Ann Marchese?

Her previous transformation results.  A-mazing!  The way Lori-Ann looks and the way she is.  I just want to be like her!

Do you prefer group-based sessions or solo one-on-one sessions?  Why?

Group based!  We support each other and it is so much fun!  Love it!  Love the atmosphere of the classes!  I have tried a few different gym options.  I don’t know what to do when I work out solo.  Not for me.

How would you describe your experiences so far with Lori-Ann?

Love it!  Before I started I was afraid that I was out of shape.  That I would not be able to work out with her group since they have been there for a while etc.  All girls were so welcoming and helpful and understanding!  I fell in love with that place – I made so many friends there.  I regret only one thing: I should have started a few years ago!

How has your life improved?

I feel confident.  I am stronger and full of energy!  I love that post work out pain.

What’s your favorite time of the day to exercise?

5.45am!  You might think I’m crazy, but those classes fill me up with energy for the whole day.

Do you have a favorite exercise?  One which you dislike the most?

I love squats!  And I hate to run.

What advice would you give anyone who may be contemplating a lifestyle change?

Do not debate it.  Do it!  Do it for yourself.  You have only one body.

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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