Johanna Marte


At what point in your life did you decide “enough was enough”? What prompted you to start on your fitness journey?

I had tried many different gyms but what i needed the most was motivation – something that i didn’t have. I then tried crossfit but I found myself looking more bulky than what I would have liked.  I then heard about Body Construct and I was in love with everything I saw these BC girls do.  There’s a lot of motivation as well – something I liked the most.

Do you have a particular food-based vice? One which you find difficult to say no to?

I mostly eat sweet potatoes and greens – I try to keep it healthy. I find it difficult to say no to 3 Milk cake since it’s my favorite!

What inspired you to hire and work with Lori-Ann Marchese?

When i first tried body construct i didn’t hesitate to sign up, thats how good the class is.

Do you prefer group-based sessions or solo one-on-one sessions? Why?

I prefer group sessions. We have fun working out as a group no matter how hard the class is. Working as a group is more challenging; we all help each other out.

How would you describe your experiences so far with Lori-Ann?

My experience with Lori-Ann completely changed my life. I like the way i look, and thanks to her I know what kind of food I can eat. To everyone out there who need motivation and aren’t sure how to begin, Lori-Ann and Body Construct is the way to go!

How has your life improved?

My life has improved in so many ways! Before, I wasn’t comfortable with my body and I didn’t dare wear a bikini or a short shirt, but now it’s the opposite. I love my body now, thanks to Body Construct.  I go out and I’ll be hearing people telling me how good and young I look for my age. That’s a big smile on my face because I love hearing that the plan I’m on is working out so well.

What’s your favorite time of the day to exercise?

My favorite time of the day to work out is the afternoon. For me it’s a stress reliever. I get out of work and I go straight there.

Do you have a favorite exercise? One which you dislike the most?

My favorite workout is bootcamp. I feel that i get everything in this class.

What advice would you give anyone who may be contemplating a lifestyle change?

The advice that I’d give is to try the class at least for one year if they really want to make a lifestyle change. Now is the time do it.  Don’t be afraid to take the first step – you wont regret it. Body Construct by Lori-Ann has the whole package. I really recommend Body Construct to anyone because i know they will love it just the way i do.

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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