Competition (Stage) Photo Submission Guidelines

Training & Fitness Magazine is always interested in receiving stage photos from fitness competitions.  In fact, our network of affiliate photographers is growing!  We aim to provide coverage of all IFBB-affiliated competitions in Canada and the USA in 2015.  If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate photographer, please send an email to:

In order to ensure your photos will be considered for publication, you must follow the guidelines set out below.  Please understand that following the below guidelines will not necessarily guarantee that your images will be published, but failure to do so will absolutely guarantee they will not.

Of course, any photos received must be clear, in-focus and exposed properly.  Generally, the following settings will result in an image quality which is likely to be close to ideal, but you may require specific adjustments for local conditions.

Image Quality:    JPG FINE
Image Size:            Med or Small (around 256kb each)
White Balance:   3,100K
Shutter Speed:    250/sec (or faster to capture fitness-class routines)
Aperture:               f/4
ISO:                            2500 (generally the setting to play with to get the image perfect)

We are well known for providing un-cropped images and will continue to deliver the images our readers expect from us.  We prefer images which show the full body (head to toe) of the competitor shown, and show them as large as practical.

Images will not be accepted if they arrive already branded with the photographer’s logo(s).  We have a standard branding frame which is applied to each image we publish.  This is made up of our logo and the photographer’s name.  This frame takes up a small amount of space on the top and sides of the image, and a little more at the bottom, where the logos and photo credit are placed.  Below, are examples of a great, well-framed stage photo both before, and after branding is applied.  You will notice that the branding frame is applied over top of the image itself.  Therefore, photographers must consider the fact that images are not resized to fit – and to always keep in mind the space the branding frame will take up on the image, while shooting the competition.  The image examples below, illustrate a suitable stage photograph and the way the branding frame is applied.

© Mark Bradfield       © Mark Bradfield

It is acceptable to submit images straight from the camera and not retouched in any way.  We provide a small amount of corrective actions prior to branding the images.  The important thing to note here is that all of the images captured at the competition must be at the same exposure settings, so the batch settings we apply will have the same effect on each image.

The timing of submission is paramount.  We encourage photographers to submit images on the same day they are captured, so that interest in the photos is still high among our readers.  We usually only publish 1-3 photos of each competitor (save the top-5 or top-3 finals photos), so this is an opportunity to shoot only a few images of each competitor, keep the best shot and delete the others from the camera’s memory card, all while shooting the competition.  With a little practice, this is easily done and allows for a photographer to finish shooting a show and immediately upload the small number of images to our DropBox account immediately afterward.

If shooting the stage for Training & Fitness Magazine is on your to-do list, we’d love to talk to you!