#GirlCrush Jaime Filer


An Editor-In-Chief, exercise physiologist, writer, and motivational speaker… Jaime Filer is the real deal.

Though our #GirlCrush column was actually the brainchild of Jaime herself, I thought I’d shine the spotlight on this wonder woman as March’s leading lady. I feel that Jaime is a real source of inspiration in the fitness industry and stands as a testament to the human body’s natural capacity for bodybuilding.

Entering her first competition at the young age of 17, Jaime has accumulated a wealth of experience on the stage, competing in every category from fitness modelling to bodybuilding throughout the span of her ten-year competitive career. Earning five first-place wins in drug-free events before her 21st birthday, it is clear that Jaime is seriously passionate about the sport.

What I find most inspiring about this lady is how she was able to overcome anorexia to promote a more balanced perspective on competing. Jaime developed anorexia in her adolescent years, but sought professional help and was able to surmount this obstacle. Since then, Jaime is known to be a supporter of If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM), a less-restricting form of dieting than conventional competition prep, and has been able to tailor her physique to her goals using this approach.

While this girl was busy sparkling on stage, she also earned a Kinesiology degree from York University, specializing in exercise physiology. Her strong understanding of the science behind the sport has not only helped her dominate the competition scene, but has also allowed her to help countless others reach their fitness goals. Jaime’s articles can be seen in Training & Fitness, Muscle Insider, bodybuilding.com, and simplyshredded.com- just to name a few! She frequently shares her knowledge and insights from a scientific perspective on these large media platforms to help provide accurate content for people looking to improve their lifestyles and physiques.

As one of the most well-respected personalities in the Canadian fitness scene, she is a pillar of true strength. From one Editor-In-Chief to another, Jaime Filer represents everything right in the fitness industry and, for that reason, is my March #GirlCrush.

Editor-In-Chief Lisa-Marie Assenza is a Kinesiology student, former competitive gymnast, and fitness enthusiast. An avid reader and writer, Lisa-Marie's high language proficiency coupled with her passion for health and wellness provide her with a unique and impressive skill set that has made her a cornerstone to the Training & Fitness team.

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