Interview with Chelsea Boissonneault



Hometown: Ottawa
Occupation: Co-owner of and Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant at Free Form Fitness Personal Training Studios
Height: 5’3.5”
Favourtie Quote: Train Smarter Not Harder

Interview Questions

TF: When did fitness become a part of your life?

CB: I was a cardio bunny until I met my now husband in 2004. He was (and still is) a personal trainer and natural bodybuilder, he had just won the CBBF World Qualifier and competed at the Worlds. He had women clients who were competing and I decided it was something I wanted to do as well, I entered my first competition in 2006. Since then I have competed in numerous shows, I have lost count, around 8-10?

TF: What is it you enjoy most about competing?

CB: The end result of being in amazing shape and feeling healthy 🙂

TF: What is your secret for balancing your personal and fitness lifestyles?

CB: I think it’s just not being obsessive. Some people in the industry just only focus on fitness and stop doing anything else. As well some have to live like a hermit to stay on their diet. I will admit I am less social the last 8-10 weeks from a show but I don’t sit at home alone it’s just harder. When I’m not competing I enjoy cheat meals and drinks now and then.

photo-15TF: What is your training philosophy?

CB: I am not a big believer in cardio IF avoidable, some clients need cardio. Just like some clients can diet with carbs and some cannot, no 2 clients are the same. In terms of weight training I believe in using a periodization plan, using cycles of 3 week intervals and cycling between different rep ranges, volume, rest periods and more to keep it fresh.

TF: That being said what does a typical training week look like for you?

CB: I train with weights 4 days/week, typically I train legs/abs Monday, shoulders Tuesday, arms/back Thursday and legs/abs again Fridays. If I can fit in a 5th session I will do shoulders twice. I do cardio only 10 weeks before a show and will typically do 15-20mins 5 days/week, fasted in the am when possible.

TF: What is your philosophy on nutrition?

CB: I believe in higher fat diets, lower carbs (not no carbs), medium protein when possible. This is what works for me but it’s not what works for all my clients. And what works for one comp prep sometimes doesn’t work next time, so you need to adjust as needed. There’s no one way, but I am against the low fat diets for sure, I see girls following those and then they rebound badly afterwards it’s old school.

TF: Are supplements a part of your regimen? If so, what are some that you use?

CB: Minimally now as I can’t handle anything with artificial sweetners, so I use an organic grass fed whey protein, plain BCAA’s and lots of high quality vitamins and oils.

photo-14TF: What or who motivates you to keep going?

CB: Good question! Recently when I competed in the GNC OPA Cobourg show I was motivated to compete after having a baby 15 months prior. Now I’m motivated to place well at Nationals so I have that motivation to place well at Provincials. Why do I want to do well at Nationals? Not sure even lol…. I like goal setting, but I guess it’s more it keeps me on track to bettering my physique constantly. As well it motivates my clients who I love to help prep for their own shows!

TF: What’s your favourite body part to train?

CB: Shoulders! I love pushing heavy weight and my shoulders grow so slowly so it takes a lot.

TF: What’s your least favourite body part to train?

CB: Abs, I find it so boring lol

TF: What accomplishments are you most proud of in the world of fitness?

CB: Probably competing at the CBBF World Qualifier in 2011, it was a big goal and I found out afterwards I was pregnant on stage! As well winning 1st place and overall bikini at the GNC OPA Cobourg show recently J But for sure I’m always more proud when my clients do well, and I get more nervous for them than myself lol!

TF: What advice can you give to someone looking to start competing?

CB: Find a trainer that has experience competing and has trained others to compete (and did well). Also ask them about their philosophies before signing on, I would personally avoid anybody who prescribes a ton of cardio or believes in low fat diets.

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