Lori-Ann Marchese

Lori-Ann Marchese is a fitness consultant/trainer and fitness cover model. She is the owner of Body Construct, a fitness facility where she trains women, and she recently launched her own line of Body Construct Nutrition Supplements.

Her message is that through exercise, nutrition and a positive attitude, women can achieve their goals. When she is not training others, Lori-Ann competes in fitness pageants (including World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Championships), interviews professional athletes on red carpets, and models for fitness magazines, workout videos, infomercials and more.

This summer, we flew down to New Britain, CT to capture Lori-Ann while doing what she does best – helping sisters, wives and moms acquire strength on the outside, while maintaining strength on the inside.  We were fortunate to meet and capture the stories of 12 amazing individuals – whose stories are featured in our Transformations section this month.

How’d you get into fitness?

I began my fitness journey at the age of 16. I was not interested in after school activities, so I found the gym, and it became my passion. Ever since I went into that gym that first day, it transformed my life, and lead me to the path of devoting my life to fitness.

What’re the very best things about this industry?

LM:  One of the best aspects of fitness is that there are different types of exercise that you can do. There are endless methods of physical activity one can complete, and with the options at hand, one is guaranteed to find some type of exercise to enjoy. Not only is finding your niche in fitness beneficial, but it allows yourself to look good, but most importantly, feel good.

What’s the worst?

The worst part about fitness is all the fad diets that are out there. These diets “promise” dramatic, unrealistic weight loss results. Many are designed to take advantage of people’s willingness to try anything to lose weight. These fad diets often lead to failure, and more than often, people quit in the early stages and not reach their goals.

There is obviously a nice warm feeling, being a big part of a client’s success.  Is there a downside?

I would not say there are any downsides. When one of my clients is not content with their results, I work with them from the ground up to find the best program catered for their body.  I believe my part is crucial in reaching their goal because I am their main support, and must push them to do their best.

You’re a new Mom.  Congrats!  How did pregnancy effect your fitness regime?  How did it affect the business side of things?

As soon as I had my baby, I created a program for my business, and completed it with some of my clients.  This weight loss challenge was named “Mommy Got Her Body Back-90 Day Challenge”. I am the nutrition and fitness coach for Body Construct, and guide those who want to challenge themselves to achieve their fitness and body goals. Being a new mother has definitely changed the pace of things, but being a mother has to be the best gift yet.

Who is your typical client?  What’s she like?  What are her goals?

My typical client hopes for weight loss, but most importantly, becoming more toned. All of my clients work extremely hard and they are always willing to never give up. When I train my clients, I place higher expectations on them because I know their potential is beyond what they can see.

You’ve done a LOT in your career so far.  What are the highlights?

My biggest accomplishments in the fitness field is receiving the honor of being named as “One of the Top 11 World Trainers” by Huffington Post, and “Top 10” by Club Industry Magazine. As for my business, I have been named to Hartford Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” and have been named as the “Best Fitness Facility to Workout At” from Hartford Business Journal BOB Awards. In my past, I was a Bravo TV Former Reality Star on the Game of Crowns for a full season. I competed in WBFF as a Bikini Pro in the Pro International Championship, and placed in the Top 3.  What’s next? Boyd Construct is an Only Women’s Gym. Recently, we have created the addition of a Men’s Division at Body Construct. We hope that our Men’s program grows and becomes as successful as the Women’s Division. As for the looks of my business, I always put quality first. Updating the equipment, attending to client’s requests, and constantly altering my fitness and nutrition programs are key. I will be working on a new DVD system for Body after Babies. I always inspire women across the world of health and fitness.

Who’s your idol / mentor / inspiration?

My idol is my daughter, Ariana.

Most addictive song on your playlist?

The most addictive song on my playlist is “Something Just Like This” by the Chainsmokers.

Your favorite cheat / refeed meal?

My favorite cheat meal would be frozen yogurt. When I indulge in froyo, I always go to Pinkberry. I love to add fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries to my treat. When I want to cheat even more, I always get pomegranate sauce, and sometimes it may go to extent of yogurt chips.

One thing you’re sorry to admit to eating in the last year?

One thing I ate that I’m sorry to admit to eating in the last year would be when I was pregnant and went to McDonalds. I consumed a hamburger and I regret it to this day because it made me feel uneasy afterwards, but I have not had one in ten years.

Favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise is the squat. This exercises targets more than one major part of the body, and is the perfect “Booty Booster”. The most common request from my clients are “How do I build my booty?” While my specialization as a trainer is boot camp workouts, squats are the ideal exercise to do while satisfying their needs.

What piece of advice would you impart upon our readers?

Making sure you live a healthy lifestyle and insuring your mental state of mind is pure and happy is the best thing you can do for yourself. Be true to yourself, and make the most of what your life offers you. Prioritizing those who are important in your life will make your life that much more whole.