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Ashlyn Merriman


TF:  You were introduced to fitness at a young age, right?
AM:  Well, I had always been an athlete, but once my college volleyball experience was complete, I began searching for a new sport in which I could invest my time and passion into. My mother, a personal trainer for nearly 30 years, definitely was the person who stimulated my interest in the fitness industry.  My mom began to compete in bodybuilding competitions when I was a teenager and I would come along and watch shows in which her or her clients were participating.  Having a personal trainer at my disposal nearly everyday allowed me to learn a ton in the gym at a young age without a price tag.  I am super-grateful for the opportunity to learn from my mom at such a young age.

TF:  You run a very successful consulting & training business with your fiancé.  What’s that like?
AM:  I think for some this could be madness, but I’m not kidding when I say we have the best job in the world.  I seriously could not ask for a better business partner.  We provide everything in one another that the other person may be lacking, which is why we not only make great business partners, we make great life partners as well.  There are times, of course, where we need to remind one another that work is to be left at WORK and that our time together, aside from business, is to be cherished and made a priority.

TF:  What’s one of the more annoying tasks you perform in your day-to-day?
AM:  I think motivating people is easy, but motivation only get people started on their fitness journey.  It is establishing that dedication, commitment and consistency that keeps someone going when this “lifestyle” change is no longer new and exciting that is difficult.  The most frustrating task I have, is to engrain this lifestyle implementation way of thinking into my clients.  To have people focus on their overall health and wellness as a long term investment – not a short fad or quick fix.  Modern day society has done a great job at creating many misconceptions when it comes to health and fitness, so to single-handedly explain and convince others what they have been fed online, or through magazines is a hoax, is probably the most frustrating task in my business.

TF:  Arguably one of the most beautiful cover models we’ve featured, you’re also quite the nerd – tell us a bit about your education?
AM:  Last year (2015) I completed my Bachelors of Science Degree (with Great Distinction ;)) from the University of Lethbridge, in which my major was Chemistry, and minor was in Mathematics.  Initially I had hoped to further my education by enrolling in Pharmacy school here in Alberta, although those plans changed when I became more interested in FOOD chemistry and fitness, than western medicine.  I was given the opportunity to complete a few years of Undergraduate Research in a Computational Chemistry laboratory through the Chemistry and Biochemistry department at our local university where I was further introduced to protein synthesis, DNA modification, and how carcinogens in foods affect our bodies cellular makeup.  Shortly after my job in the chemistry laboratory, I began working for Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada at the Lethbridge Research station- it was during this time that I was also finishing my degree, participating in fitness competitions, and working with a handful of clients online for nutrition programming.  I do feel like my experience was unique and rewarding.  I am very grateful to have the opportunities I did as a student, and very grateful to have parents that supported my butt while I went to post secondary school for 6 years before I found my passion in health and fitness.

TF:  What’s something NOBODY would believe about you?
AM:  My middle name is ALLEN (like a boys name- reminds me of the guy from the hangover…) – does that count?  Its so embarrassing so I never tell anyone!  What were my parents thinking?

7 Random Questions!

1. Last thing you put batteries into?
AM:  My battery operated candles – Safety first!

2. Least-favourite meal you eat because it’s “healthy”?
AM:  Asparagus!  Used to be a fan, but over-did it during competition prep.

3. Favourite exercise?
AM:  Deadlifts!  HEAVY ones!!

4. A person in fitness you’ve never met, but are dying to?
AM:  Arnold!  Only ever seen him from afar!

5. Something your closest friends just don’t “get” about you?
AM:  Why the heck I would pay that much money for implants and then take them out?!

6. Fav song in your playlist these days?
AM:  Thomas Rhett – Get Me Some of That

7. Fav item of fitness clothing or gear?
AM:  LuLu Lemon and Nike Pro everythanggg!!

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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