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© Mark BradfieldTF: You were “discovered” on our recent stop to Texas. Tell us a little about what makes the women of Texas so different..
BS: I feel like everybody in Texas is just SO friendly! We have that southern charm and hospitality!

TF: Texas is also known for super-sizing, well, pretty much everything. With so many food options served in GRAND style, how difficult is it for you to stay on-plan?
BS: I live a pretty balanced life and with that comes a balanced diet. I never restrict myself from any foods that i love. I use a “flexible dieting” approach. If i go get BBQ which is AMAZING here in Texas, i will stick to the meat and skip the sides and sweet tea!

TF: That’s pretty sensible. Can you tell us about your workout regime?
BS: I love lifting heavy!! There’s nothing that gets my endorphins going like hitting the weights! I lift 4-5 times a week, and perform HIIT training 2x a week. Here’s my split: Shoulder/Triceps, Glutes/Hamstrings,Back/Upper body rotation, Glutes/Lower body and Total Body The past few months i have incorporated HEAVY dead-lifts. This movement has really increased my endurance and overall strength! Not to mention this is AWESOME cardio!

TF: When did you start living a healthy, fit lifestyle, and what made you decide upon that route?
BS: Growing up i played volleyball in high school, but other than that i was not into exercising or eating healthy whatsoever. As soon as i graduated I moved to Alaska, and that’s where i really began enjoying fitness. I remember my first day at the gym. I went to the track and started running these ladies that were 50+ were out running me and that’s when i knew i needed to change my lifestyle! Everyday i ran just a little bit longer, and it became an addiction. In 2011 i got serious with weight lifting. My aunt, an IFBB PRO approached me on competing in the bikini division. Prepping for my first show was intense and the results were crazy. How do you go back to just being “normal”?

TF: Your aunt, IFBB Pro Jennifer Dawn Chapman has some serious accomplishments behind her! Has she had an impact or influenced you on your training or nutrition?
BS: She was definitely a huge motivator and inspiration when i first began and still is. I defiantly do things a bit different from the “average” bikini competitor. My approach on dieting, and training is not what you typically see competitors following. Like i mentioned before, i use “Flexible dieting” or “IIFYM” when it comes to my nutrition. I don’t just eat chicken and broccoli out of tupperware to stay in bikini shape. I eat all different types of foods that would be considered “cheating” everyday.

TF: Are you watching macros closely, being scientific about it, or going in the other direction and chasing active lifestyle behind a healthy dose of “normal” eating?
BS: I am a strict dieter but not a restricted one. I feel like this is the most sustainable way to eat. It open’s up the door to become a lifestyle and thats what we all want to achieve when trying to get in shape. Strict dieting just leads to binge eating or constantly falling off. I do watch my macronutrients very closely, but now it’s super easy and i can almost tell you the macros on any food item! haha seriously.

TF: You’ve dabbled in competing.. will we be seeing you grace the stage again anytime soon?
BS: I think my competing days are over for now. I love to workout and i love the fit life. Somehow the pressure of dieting and competing takes the fun out of it for me. My focus is building my brand with my online training and reaching out to as many women as i can. Helping other’s reach their fitness goals is what motivates and inspires me to continue on with this lifestyle. You can check out what I’m up to on my website   Time for 7 random questions!

TF: Who / what at is your biggest inspiration?
BS: I don’t have one specific person that inspires me. All of my clients inspire me daily! Especially the moms!!

TF: Cherry Vanilla or Rocky Road?
BS: Rocky Road for suuuuuure!!!

TF: What’s more of a mystery; your computer or your car?
BS: My computer… my google search is hilarious!

TF: Growing up, what was your absolute favorite game show to watch on tv?
BS: American Gladiators!

TF: What’s one thing they ought to teach guys before adulthood but don’t?
BS: How to put dirty clothes in the laundry bin! lol

TF: What’s the last thing you bought batteries for?
BS: My food scale!

TF: Who’s your vote for an upcoming feature in the magazine?
BS: Amanda Latona! In love with the booty!

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