28 Day Spring Challenge


“My plan is designed around body weight training and band drills designed into 30 second timed exercises that incorporate a method of PHA and HITT training for the ultimate cardio, calorie burning sculpting challenge! Peripheral Heart Action and HITT “High intensity type training” help to challenge your fat burning circuits into “a higher caloric output circuit” and reducing lactic acid build up. This style of training improves performance while preventing fatigue allowing you to train hard in a short period of time allowing the other muscles to rest.”

With the HITT and PHA superset method, your bodyweight becomes your cardio machine! With body weight training, you won’t neglect muscles compared to machines, there’s no excuse to not to this workout without a gym, and your body weight becomes your gym!


Perform a circuit of 8 body weight exercises for 30 seconds each for a total of 5 rounds in 20 minutes! Yes only 20 minutes! That’s almost the same caloric output as a 45-minute cardio workout and your toning the entire body!


For ultimate results, follow the nutritional method and workouts, be consistent performing the circuit 4-5 x a week with 48-hour rest between workouts. On non-circuit days perform cardio of your choice or mix in these drills to your regular workouts!


Always warm up your muscles and increase the blood flow to the muscles starting with a light 5-10 min dynamic warm-up of body weight lunges, squats, push-ups, light jogging or jump rope.

REST- Rest 1-2 minutes between each full round and hydrate.

What you will need!

A band, mat and water to hydrate!


Band jacks with overhead press
30 seconds – Targets Inner/outer thighs, butt, and shoulders
Band Jacks with Overhead Press

  1. With feet shoulder width apart and knees bent, place band under mid foot holding band into a triangle shape
  2. Jump as wide as possible focusing on your outer thigh muscles (Hip abductors) to initiate movement
  3. Return back to start and extend arms up overhead into a shoulder press and return back to the start

Tip: Avoid locking knees and maintain alignment with the band under feet

Plank catapults
30 seconds – Targets deep core muscles, shoulders, triceps and chest
Plank Catapults

  1. In plank position on elbows, focus on pulling abs into spine feeling the tension with shoulder, hips and angle joints aligned
  2. From this position, lift bodyweight into a straight arm plank and lower bodyweight into a half push-up
  3. Return back to straight arm plank and lower body weight back into elbow plank starting position

Tip: Can modify push up and lower body weight onto knees

Catapult Lunges
30 seconds – Targets Legs, butt and deep leg muscles for ultimate sleek definition
Catapult Lunges

  1. Place band just above rib cage and hook the band onto a stable piece of equipment for resistance
  2. Step forward with both feet to feel the challenge of resistance and start in a lunge position-engaging core to avoid the band pulling you back!
  3. Step forward into a lunge position ensuring knee doesn’t go past toes and alternate lunges for 30 seconds

Tip: For more of a cardio legs challenge, explosively lift both feet off floor into a plyometric lunge

Dream runs with Band
30 seconds – Targets abs, hips and cardio!
Dream Runs with Band

  1. Place band just above rib cage and hook the band onto a stable piece of equipment for resistance
  2. Step forward with both feet to feel the challenge of the resistance band
  3. Alternate lifting knees as high as your rig cage depending on your flexibility and alternate for 30 seconds

Tip: Maintain proper form throughout exercise for effectiveness and safety

Band wings with glute reverse walks
30 seconds – Targets Shoulders, butt, glutes and hamstrings
Band Wings with Glute Reverse Walks

  1. With feet shoulder width apart, place band under mid foot feeling the resistance on your outer thigh hip abductors
  2. Place the elbows inside of the band with palms down
  3. Step back into a hip extension and back to start raising elbows into a lateral raise movement in line with shoulder height and repeat with other leg

Tip: Maintain core connection to stabilize spine and target abdominals

Cross under Bridges
30 seconds – Targets Glutes, shoulders, oblique side abs
Cross-Under Bridges

  1. In a reverse plank position, hips in line with pelvis- activate glutes and keep all joints aligned avoiding sinking hips
  2. Lower hips to hook the opposite leg under the other leg while activating the oblique side abs to initiate the movement
  3. Raise hips back to starting position and repeat other side

Tip: Activate glutes and obliques through movement to target deep into the muscles and maintain proper form

Glute band catapults
30 seconds – Targets glutes, butt and hamstrings
Glute Band Catapults

  1. Laying prone on a mat, Use a stable piece of equipment, hook the band around the base for resistance
  2. Place the band around your ankles and move body weight forward on mat for band resistance
  3. Extend the knee to pull the band towards you activating the glutes through the movement

Tip: Avoid raising hips through movement and ensuring there is resistance from starting position to finish

Band ab pulls
30 seconds – Targets Deep core abdominal muscles and hips
Band Ab Pulls

  1. Laying supine on a mat, Use a stable piece of equipment to hook the band around base for resistance.
  2. Place the band around your ankles and shift weight back to feel the resistance on your abdominals
  3. With knees bent, pull in knees engaging core to pull band towards you and return back to start

Tip: Bend knees and extend if your abs not as strong, straighten legs for advanced

Rest 1-2 mins and Hydrate

Repeat for 4 more rounds!

Remember to take it at your own pace! If you need more rest between sets, take it! Build up your strength and endurance as you progress!


The Prep

Take pictures! Take a before picture in your workout clothes as a base measure to compare results at the end of the program- this helps to inspire and see visible changes! Take a shot from front, side and behind!

Grocery List

Make a list for your new kick-start nutrition plan and head to the grocery store!


Make it a priority in your schedule to do the workouts and enter the challenge!

Support Network

Grab a workout buddy! Inspire and motivate each other! Being accountable to a workout buddy pushes you and prevents you from missing a workout!

Track your workouts and nutrition to see how far you’ve come!

Hastag us in your journey!

A renowned celebrity fitness expert, juicing guru, the founder of a fresh-pressed juice line OTG3 and wellness ambassador at Natures Emporium, Kirsty Dunne is an influential figure in the health and fitness industry. Kirsty has trained celebrities and high profile clients internationally, helping them transform their bodies and improve their health for special projects, events and appearances. She has worked with professional athletes and celebrities such as Mario Lopez, Dancing with the Stars, LA Lakers, and Beto Perez (founder of Zumba Fitness.) Kirsty is passionate about helping women to take control of their bodies and transcend industry hype and trends and focus on achieving a more balanced lifestyle and healthy body image.

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