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Tired of waiting for gym equipment during rush hours? How do you feel about those obnoxious fat burner commercials promising rapid transformations and a bikini-ready body without any work? Though I am an avid gym fanatic, I do believe that the gym can sometimes be overrated. So let’s get one thing straight: You don’t need a fancy gym membership or any fat burners to get the lean physique you’ve always wanted!

If you find the gym daunting or too time consuming, bodyweight circuits are the way to go! A killer bodyweight workout uses gravity as resistance and utilizes your own bodyweight to target several muscle groups at once. The idea is to use resistance exercises back-to-back with high intensity cardio to build muscle and burn fat, sculpting your ideal athletic physique. Keep up the energy and move from one exercise to another very quickly and with maximum intensity. Whether you utilize this bodyweight workout at home, outside, or in the gym, remember that dedication, consistency, and hard work mixed with proper nutrition will ALWAYS deliver results.

Begin with the first two exercises below and perform as many reps as you can in 60 seconds without resting in between. Take 30-60 seconds rest and begin the next two exercises. Continue until each superset is completed.  Repeat the whole circuit three times.  Perform this full-body workout every other day, three to four times a week for four weeks in order to maximize your results.



1A. Standing Squats 1A. Standing Squats
1B. Jump Squats 1B. Jump Squats
2A. Push Ups on knees 2A. Standard Pushups
2B. Burpees 2B. Burpee with Pushup
3A. Forward Lunges 3A. Forward Lunges with Kickback
3B. Scissor Squat Jumps 3B. Scissor Squat Jumps
4A. Plie Squats 4A. Plie Squats
4B. Pop Squats 4B. Pop Squats
5A. Plank 5A. Plank with Scorpion Twist
5B. Mountain Climbers 5B. Mountain Climber Burpees









Lauren Rae, CPT and Inspired Wellness Coach


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