Sherley Roman


At what point in your life did you decide “enough was enough”? What prompted you to start on your fitness journey?

At age of 35 I decided to focus more in my health and exercise regimen. Beginning Jan. 1st, 2016 I became part of BC family. My decision of joining BC was based on a 5 year fitness goal. After trying all kind of diets and several gyms, I made the choice of becoming part of Loriane’s fitness group.

Do you have a particular food-based vice? One which you find difficult to say no to?

I find difficult to say ” no to” all carbs, such as white rice, white pasta and white breads, yum!

What inspired you to hire and work with Lori-Ann Marchese?

Her experience, knowledge and “only woman” gym dynamic.

Do you prefer group-based sessions or solo one-on-one sessions? Why?

A prefer group sessions. Although I am competitive I am also a team player, and I enjoy working out with other ladies…is fun competition and motivation!

How would you describe your experiences so far with Lori-Ann?

My journey began a year and half ago, I still have three plus years ahead before I complete my fitness journey. Lorianne has been a great mentor, she has kept me positive during dark times. I have some medical conditions; scoliosis, surgeries and other problems with my body, she has taken the time to adjust my work outs during my injuries… I wouldn’t trade Lorianne!!! SHE IS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. MY EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN EXCEPTIONAL AND LIFE CHANGING.

How has your life improved?

I have become more active, less stress and I have learned healthy eating habits. I have an eating disorder and I was constantly worried about my weigh and looks. After hiring Lorianne, I’ve learned to embrace my body, curves and size. I work out more often – 3 to 4 times a week and I do it so I can clear my mind and release stress. I can say, I am healthier, happier, motivated and active. Even my husband gives Lorianne prompts.

What’s your favorite time of the day to exercise?

Afternoon (5pm class)

Do you have a favorite exercise? One which you dislike the most?

My favorite exercise is spinning classes, but I also consider squads as my favorite….I dislike BURPEES! lol

What advice would you give anyone who may be contemplating a lifestyle change?

I would say that; Changes are personal goals and they are not easy to accomplish. Patience, dedication and constancy will help you achieve your goals. Understand that fitness is not for everyone, only those who want to be healthy will strive to make changes; remind yourself “why did you start your journey” and take it “one day at a time”. Do not focus in the pounds, rather focus in your mental health and body changes… In my personal journey, I prefer to be happy than skinny,,, I rather to be strong than weak and depress. Make it your own journey and enjoy every bit of it.

Our society is saturated with beautiful “skinny/ size 0” women. Trying to be “beautiful and skinny” is an obsession and many women had become victims of social media, fashion and unhealthy eating habits. My personal fitness experience is different than others. I have learned to embrace my curves without worrying about others opinion. I believe that every type of body should have its place in the fashion and fitness industry.

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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