Get your body in shape and strengthen your core muscles with this 45-minute TRX workout! The workout incorporates the six best TRX core exercises, which can be done in your own home or on the go with the TRX Trainer. For best results, add this workout to your existing training program.


Perform each TRX exercise for the specified time frame shown below. Remember that, as you become more familiar with the TRX, you can increase the level of difficulty by simply moving your feet closer together or positioning yourself further from the anchor point.

TRX ExerciseTimeSets
1)    TRX Crunch30 seconds2-3
2)    TRX Pike30 seconds2-3
3)    TRX Mountain Climber30 seconds2-3
4)    TRX Side Plank30 seconds6
5)    TRX Saw Plank30 seconds6
6)   TRX Squat Jumps20 seconds2-3
TRX exrevice

Focus:  Abs, quadriceps, shoulders, lats
Directions:  Start in the push-up position with your feet suspended in the TRX, straps at mid-calf level.
Exercise:  Drive your knees in to your chest then straighten your legs, placing your body in a firm, high plank position.  Keep hips high at all times to avoid lower back strain.
TRAINER Points:  If the exercise is too challenging, lower your arms down to the ground in a low plank position, creating an easier progression of the same exercise.


TRX exrevice

Focus:  Abs, shoulders, lats
Directions: Start in the push-up position with your feet suspended in the TRX, face down with straps at mid-calf level.
Exercise: Drive your hips up while keeping your legs perfectly straight at all times. Lower your body down into a firm, high plank position, paying close attention to keeping the hips at level line to protect the lower back.
TRAINER Points:  Focus on keeping your spine aligned at all times by looking in the direction of your toes when your hips reach their peak height. You can also read about The Rebirth of Glamour: What to Expect from FMG Fitness Competitions by visiting


TRX exrevice

Focus: Abs, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes
Directions: Start in the push-up position with your feet suspended in the TRX, straps at mid-calf level.
Exercise: Drive one knee toward your chest then extend that leg straight. Perform the same movement with your other leg, switching legs and driving each knee to the chest then extending the same leg straight.
TRAINER Points: Place most of your weight on your hands by leaning forward and raising your hips, creating space for your knees to fit between your chest and the floor. With your feet relatively light, you can glide at higher speeds.


TRX exrevice

Focus:  Abs, shoulders
Directions: Adjust the straps to mid-calfPlace both feet in the foot cradles and face sideways, right toes pressing against the left heel. Place one forearm on the ground palm down, stacking your shoulder over your elbow.
Exercise:  Using your forearm and palm to balance your side plank, raise your hips up so that your body is suspended. Lower your hips down to rest and repeat.
TRAINER Points:  While raising your hips, your body should be in a stiff side plank. Keep your body in a straight line and focus on stacking your shoulder over the elbow to protect the rotator cuff.


TRX exrevice

Focus:  Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, core
Directions: Stand facing the TRX, straps at mid-length. Hold on to the handles, palms facing each other and feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your chest lifted with your chin up, looking at the anchor.
Exercise:  Sit in a squat position, pushing deep into the heels. As you rise, explode upwards by jumping while pointing the toes down. Land smoothly from toe to heel and repeat in a fluid motion.
TRAINER Points: This advanced exercise is a great cardio boost that will challenge your endurance and strength. If it’s too difficult, you can modify it by simply omitting the jumping.