April Beaman


At what point in your life did you decide “enough was enough”?  What prompted you to start on your fitness journey?

I have a college friend that had joined body construct several years ago when Loriann was training in her home basement. I was seeing changes in her body through social media posts etc.  I was approaching 40 and wanted to get my body stronger, leaner and sexier.  I had never gone to a gym before.  I’ve always worked out alone using DVD’s at home. It’s nice to workout with a friend, to encourage each other along the way. 

Do you have a particular food-based vice?  One which you find difficult to say no to?

My food vice is definitely sweets. I have never met a cake I don’t like! I have to be very disciplined to say no. Eating clean and going to the gym on a regular schdule makes me feel empowered and helps with willpower and staying on track.

What inspired you to hire and work with Lori-Ann Marchese?

The first class I took at BC was boot camp. That class was damn hard, but I was hooked and ready to make changes. I bought a month membership and the rest is history.

Do you prefer group-based sessions or solo one-on-one sessions?  Why?

I have alway said the reason I love BC is you get personal training in a group setting.  A woman training women is ideal. Loriann  knows what exercises the female body needs to make changes.  I also love training with a group of women! We are all there for the same reason. The group environment also challenges my workout on so many levels.

How would you describe your experiences so far with Lori-Ann?

I love Loriann’s training style . She challenges you each time you step into the gym.  She’s on the floor during each workout making sure your form is correct and “yelling” as needed to push you to do your best. The WOD is different everyday which keeps things exciting and challenging. No cookiecutter workouts here!!!

What’s your favorite time of the day to exercise?

I am so much better working out in the afternoon, after work. Even though I am morning person, I could never wake up at 5am to workout. My beast mode is just not ready that early in the day

Do you have a favorite exercise?  One which you dislike the most?

It’s hard to choose a favorite exercise because I love feeling the strength of each different muscle group working independently. Burpees are definitely my least favorite because there is never “just a few” in a workout and you die just a little with each one. 

What advice would you give anyone who may be contemplating a lifestyle change?

If you’re questioning a change of lifestyle then you’re ready! The journey of heath and wellness is a marathon. Weight loss and toning results don’t happen overnight! However, when you and others  start to see results this encourages you to continue to work towards your personal goals.

When you look and feel your best you exude confidence and feel positive and happier. Strive everyday to be more active, healthier and eat clean organic food, so that you can enjoy life to its fullest.  We have one life to live. You have to make it the best you can because no one else will. 

Publisher/CEO at Training & Fitness Magazine. Fitness, Fashion & Beauty Photographer with a perfectionist complex.

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